2019 And Me: Things To Look Forward To And Look Out For This Year For Every Zodiac Sign

January 28, 2019

2019 is here and we all can't wait to see what great things await for us in the coming months, but we also have to be mindful about obstacles we might need to overcome. After all, things can't be perfect all year round, isn't that right?

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Let's find out what 2019 have prepared for you!


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Look forward to: It's a very good year for Aries to focus on their goals and ambitions. If you ever wanted to focus on making your career wishes come true, 2019 is perfect for that!

Look out for: Watch out for what you say to other people. Think before speaking to avoid unnecessary conflicts.


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Look forward to: Have you been thinking about remodeling your kitchen? It's time to make your house dreams come true! 

Look out for: If you have a toxic relationship in your life now is the time to say goodbye to that person. Watch out for negative people in your life and make a decision to leave them behind for good.


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Look forward to: Your finances are happy in 2019! Gemini will be able to relax when it comes to money matters this year.

Look out for: Be careful when negotiating with your boss or giving presentations at work. Keep your speeches to the point.


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Look forward to: Expect some positive work changes! It can be something in your current job, or you'll find a new one and you should be excited about it.

Look out for: Put more work into your personal life. If there are some problems in your relationship, now is the time to solve them before they compromise your situation.


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Look forward to: Romance dominates 2019 for Leo! Open your heart to new possibilities, or, if you're already in a relationship, you might welcome a new addition to your family.

Look out for: Too much responsibility can overwhelm you this year. Focus on your downtime more to make sure your emotional health stays in check.


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Look forward to: You might be looking at a raise! Finances smile at you in 2019, enjoy!

Look out for: Be mindful of the relationship with your children. Spend more time with them and give your individed attention.


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Look forward to: Your 2019 will be filled with new friends and new opportunities! Libras are social butterflies this year and they're going to enjoy every engagement they attend in the coming months.

Look out for: You might need to repair your old relationships, expect someone from your past to appear looking for redemption. Consider all pros and cons before letting that person back into your life.

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Look forward to: Every passion that a Scorpio will pursue this year will turn out successful! 2019 is a profitable year for you in every regard.

Look out for: Be mindful of what you say and think through your communication with other people very carefully.


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Look forward to: 2019 will bring many romantic opportunities for a Sagittarius. Single people can expect a new attraction, and those who are already settled with their significant other can expect several romantic getaways.

Look out for: Work can be hectic this year, so you'll need to remember to keep a balance between your professional, social, and personal lives.


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Look forward to: Been thinking about changing your scenery? New home awaits for a Capricorn in 2019! It's a very good time to move if you've been planning to pack your things and find a new place.

Look out for: Your past insecurities might rear their ugly heads this year, but stay strong and work through these issues instead of putting them off.


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Look forward to: This year will broaden your horizons and give you opportunities to meet new people! Perhaps a new best friend waits for each Aquarius in 2019.

Look out for: Be mindful of your spendings.


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Look forward to: 2019 is perfect for your career! You'll get a career satisfaction that you've never experienced before, enjoy!

Look out for: You might need to reevaluate some people in your life.

We wish you all an eventful and prosperous 2019!

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