Ancient Chinese Face Reading Technique Will Help You Find Lucky And Unlucky Moles On Your Face

February 27, 2019 09:18

Not many people are familiar with face reading. Nonetheless, physiognomy is a legitimate science that is used to predict people’s fate by reading their facial features. Mole reading is a part of it and can help us learn about many things, including future and fortune.

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The location of moles is believed to tell us whether the person is lucky or unlucky in certain aspects of life. So let’s dive in into the Chinese face reading and find out if your moles bring you a good fortune.

The lucky moles

A mole hidden in the eyebrow is considered to be a little treasure. It means that the person who has it is highly intelligent and full of talents. Luck is always on his or her side.

A mole between eyebrows is a sign of good fortune. It predicts amazing career prospects and promises a prosperous life. A birthmark on ear lobe suggests that the person has a gentle nature and will live a long life. For women, it means that they will have luck in finding a good husband.

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A beauty mark at nose tip promises wealth and good life while a birthmark in the area between nose and mouth, called Philtruma, symbolizes longevity and suggests that the person will have a good relationship with his or her family.

A mole at the end of eyebrow means luck in money and good friendships in life. For women, it means the possibility of marrying into a wealthy family.

The unlucky moles

A birthmark on the forehead can suggest bad relationships with parents and tough life. A mole positioned slightly above the center of the eyebrow can mean a life with some bumps in it and can indicate a person who talks before thinking.

A beauty mark on the lower eyelid indicates a chronic worrier who might experience troubles in love life. A mole on the side of the nose suggests that the person gets sick very easily while a birthmark below mouth can mean problems with food, like allergies, overeating, and poisoning.

If you have an unlucky mole, don’t worry. Most of them serve as a simple warning. They remind you that you should be more careful in order to protect yourself from any harm.

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