Dog's On Board: Black Labrador Catches Bus Every Day To Her Favorite Park All By Herself: "She Sits Just Like A Person Does"

October 14, 2019

Labs are intelligent, friendly and highly trainable dogs. Studies show that Labrador is about as smart as a small child. Hard to believe, but true.


According to psychology professor and dog intelligence expert Stanley Coren, ranked Labs No. 7 in his The Intelligence of Dogs, making it one of the brightest dogs, out of 138 breeds tested.

What a lovely passenger!

One Seattle's lab proves the smartness of her breed as she rides the bus by herself to the dog park.

The black labrador called Eclipse often rides the bus to a nearby dog park with her owner, Jeff Young. But one day, she started taking the bus alone. Mr Young said he once missed the bus while being distracted at the bus stop but the dog didn't want to wait for him.

Before he knew it, Eclipse had climbed onto the vehicle. She then found a seat, kept an eye out the window for her stop, and then exited when the bus stopped near the dog park.

Bus rider Tiona Rainwater said:

"All the bus drivers know her. She sits here just like a person does. She makes everybody happy. How could you not love this thing?"

People love the dog

As the story soon went viral, people could not help but comment on the dog's intelligence:

"I'm a strong independent black lab who don't need no human!"

- one person joked, while another added:

"we need to integrate more retrievers into our human society !!!"

Dogs are wonderful people.

Others agreed, saying:

"Eclipse doesn't have time to wait...she's about her business..LOL"

"Haha and I can barely figure out the bus lines in my small city. "

"That is the smartest and sweetest dog that I have ever seen. It is great to see people so caring."

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While local transit officials love that Eclipse likes taking the bus, they admit she'd be safer with her owner and on a leash. Well, we can't agree more! Still, isn't she delightful? We are pretty sure sitting next to such a passenger on a bus in the morning would make your day!