"Bolognezze” & "Lettucetti": Instagram Influencer Trolled For Calling Lettuce Salad A Vegan Pasta Dish

September 26, 2019

Humans have been debating over different diets for thousands of years. It's a way to transform our body and mind. But, the current generation has started to manipulate the idea. Rather than inventing something beneficial for real, they come with playful words to uptrend the same food item.

Thanks to social media, everyone is now promoting a vegetables-based diet. Many nutritionists have debated against it. It deprives the body of essentials proteins and vitamins. They have also suggested substitutes to deal with animal cruelty and other hazards to the environment. Still, a lot of internet celebrities fail to send a meaningful message.

Pasta with no pasta

In today's world, the general public has grown to be tolerant of terms like cauliflower rice, zucchini noodles, and plant-based burger patties. However, masquerading lettuce strips as spaghetti is a bit too much.

An Instagram influencer named Ullenka Kash promotes her personal raw recipes online. She tries to spice up things for the vegans and makes sauces for the salads. Instead of providing a replacement for traditional pasta, she is using spiral-cut veggies. The girl chooses to call these dishes "lettucetti" and "Bolognezze".

People mocked her for it

Her followers think she should just call it a salad. They also believe her to be a little malnourished.


What is the point of calling this salad "lettuce Spaghetti" or Bolognese when it's just a salad with a raw pepper sauce? It's like calling a chair a motorcycle. They have nothing in common except a red sauce 🙄


Anyone else notice just how unhealthy Ullenka looks? Her arms have barely any musculature. She has the cachectic appearance of someone with an advanced illness or cancer. Not hard to tell why, this "meal" is grossly deficient in protein and other nutrients.


I’m all for eat healthy but call it what it is. A salad lol


where’s the spaghetti tho

Imagine some telling you they're making pasta and present you the lettucetti. You have to give some credit to Ullenka for her creativity though. Her dishes would certainly make someone's life full of taste.