From 50s To 30s! Two Friends Who Survived Cancer Reunite After 30 Years Apart For A Glamorous Makeover Looking Half Their Age

October 11, 2019

As humans, we all get insecure about our appearances sometimes. That’s why it’s very important that we learn to take good care of ourselves. The smallest efforts go a long way.

How to take care of yourself

In order to stay healthy and be happy it’s crucial to note that you need to take care of yourself. As a lady, there are a few things to include in your routine.

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Make sure your physical health is a major priority. Start by eating healthy and exercising regularly. Avoid things that are harmful to the body and lastly, don’t forget about your mental state of mind.

A life-changing transformation

The most recent project of Ambush Makeovers, who is renowned for transforming lives by making people look good, is possibly the best!

Two friends, Linda, and Caroline who have reunited after 30 years apart were plucked from the TODAY plaza to get a fantastic makeover. Caroline told TODAY about how they reconnected and found out that they had both survived cancer.

Stylist Louis Licari and style expert Jill Martin collaborated to create a new look for both Linda and Caroline with new hair colors and styles.

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Both friends were totally shocked and couldn't believe their eyes when they finally got to see each other. They really looked so fabulous with their new looks! Caroline happily said:

That’s how she looked 30 years ago when I last saw her!

Awkward makeover

Though the Ambush Makeover team change people’s lives by completely changing their look, viewers were, however, not impressed after two ladies got a life-changing transformation. People didn’t like Anna and Cheryl’s transformation claiming the ladies look much older now.

The pair looked totally unrecognizable after the transformation. They couldn't stop shouting with excitement following the makeover! We’re so happy for these ladies.