Ready For Fall! Recently-Retired Wife Gets Perfect Fall Haircut Which Makes Her Look 25 Years Younger

September 27, 2019 18:45

Autumn is finally here and it’s time to make some changes to our looks. But what is the best way to refresh our entire appearance? Simple – get a new haircut.

Africa Studio /

Fall 2019 trends offer a range of options from long straight locks to daring pixie cuts. However, it seems that bob haircut is breaking the popularity charts this time.

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This particular hairstyle will suit any age but women after 40s should definitely consider trying it. Just check how it made this woman look 25 years younger!

Fall-inspired makeover

Meet Lisa. She’s recently retired and trained one of her dogs to be a therapy dog to help other people, which is a lovely thing to do.

She’s been following TODAY’s Ambush Makeovers series for quite some time and always thought they did a great job. But it was time for Lisa to witness their magic in real life and oh boy, they worked wonders!

The stylists got inspired by Sarah Jessica Parker and cut Lisa’s hair short, adding warm highlights to her hair color. Now the woman looks unrecognizable! Check it for yourself:

Ambush Makeovers’ team is known for erasing years from people’s faces. Recently, they decided to try something new and transformed the look not just of one person but of one couple.

It’s amazing how different these people look after getting a new hair, don’t you agree?