“It’s Time To Do What He Wanted Me To Do”: Obese Woman Loses An Impressive 130 Pounds After Son Her Dies In A Car Accident

November 14, 2018 18:22

Until they were about 11 years old, identical twin sisters Ruth and Mary were perfect copies of each other in height, weight, and even hair color. However, as they grew up, Mary started to eat more, and with time, she gained weight at levels that astonished everyone around her. 

Oprah Winfrey Show / YouTube

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At 34 years old, Mary was 300 pounds heavier than her twin sister 

By the time they were 34 years old, Mary weighed 300 pounds more than her sister, who was always referred to as 'the pretty one'.

Oprah Winfrey Show / YouTube

When the sisters visited The Oprah Winfrey Show in 2005, Mary was brought to tears when her son confessed that he feared for her life if she continued to eat.

I always wanted to say to my mom that just stop eating, because if you keep on going, you can die. And I don’t want you to die because you’re my mom.

Her son’s words moved her, as she realized that her weight problems were affecting the people she loved in ways she had not realized. Unfortunately, 6 years after the interview, Mary’s son, Chris, died in a car accident at the age of 19. 

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Her son’s death inspired her to lose weight 

After losing her son, Mary decided that it was time to do what he always wanted her to do: lose weight. Seven months after the accident, Mary had made tremendous progress, as she shed an impressive 130 pounds on the treadmill and still had the desire to keep going. 

Oprah Winfrey Show / YouTube

Speaking on Oprah’s Winfrey's Where Are They Now segment, Mary confessed that after her son’s death, she realized that enough was enough. For her, the tragedy became a source of strength, as it inspired her to turn her life around. 

Useful tips on weight loss 

However, one does not need a tragedy to lose weight. Some tips that can help you to lose weight include walking where you can, knowing what you eat, having a normal sleeping pattern, cooking healthy meals, staying hydrated, and being generally active. This means that being a couch potato and taking a car ride everywhere will not help you make any weight loss progress. 

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These useful tips, however, cannot work on their own, as they need to be supplemented by the will to become better. When your mind is set on becoming better, you'll realize that your body becomes more responsive to change, and you'll easily shed those extra pounds. As you lose weight, you'll see that losing weight is not a punishment about what you can't eat, but a demonstration of your determination to become healthier. 

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