Top 10 Best Places To Retire In The United States: Full Comprehensive Guide To Begin With

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October 3, 2018 16:38 By Fabiosa

You’ve probably heard that Florida is the best place to retire, but is it really true? There are several important life periods, and retirement is certainly one of them. Therefore, before blindly choosing Florida as your retirement destination, let’s look at some other options and determine which ones are the most suitable places for retirees to live in.

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Factors to determine the best retirement locations in the USA

According to recent surveys, the most common reason for retirement is to move closer to the family. Yet, many people still would prefer a comfortable place, where they could enjoy their life fully. However, what else is needed to be considered when choosing where to retire?

First off, we need to set the specific factors that play the most important role in choosing top places where you can give up work. Thankfully, we’ve already done it all. Don’t you agree that the following 4 factors are the most important ones:

  • financial affordability;
  • quality and number of activities;
  • quality of life;
  • healthcare. /

There are lots of rankings created by authoritative institutions, like Forbes, Business Insider, AARP, U.S. News, USA Today, etc. However, unfortunately, they promote different retirement locations all over the country. For example, the best place to retire according to U.S. News is Sarasota, Florida, whereas it is Orlando, Florida, in Business Insider’s opinion (at least these guys agreed on the state). So, who can we actually trust?

Top 10 best places to retire

We’ve searched and analyzed tons of info and rankings from the most reliable sources to come up with an idea of creating our own chart! Here you will be able to learn about arguably the finest places where you could enjoy your life in retirement.

10. Las Vegas, Nevada

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Imagine moving to Las Vegas and diving into the crazy flow of entertainment and passion. It is a perfect place for those of you who have always dreamt of the luxurious and reckless nightlife. According to experts from WalletHub, who have analyzed data from 150 largest cities in the US, Las Vegas got pretty decent results, mainly due to its activities:

  • Financial affordability: 32/150
  • Quality and number of activities: 17/150
  • Quality of life: 52/150
  • Healthcare: 109/150

9. Austin, Texas

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One of the most desirable places to retire, Austin, is known as a capital of country music. Arguably, the most upsetting side of the city is higher than median home prices. On the other hand, Austin is perfect for those who enjoy hiking, bicycle rides, jogging, and other physical activities. The weather is pretty stable with the average of 80 °F in summer and 50 °F in winter.

  • Financial affordability: 57/150
  • Quality and number of activities: 21/150
  • Quality of life: 54/150
  • Healthcare: 48/150

8. Denver, Colorado

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Denver is overall one of the most well-rounded cities perfect for retirement with great healthcare, tons of amusing activities, wonderful museums and art installations, beautiful parks, and, however, one big disadvantage – too expensive housing. Yes, that’s where supply and demand laws kick in. Also, though many think that Denver is a mountain town, it actually takes almost a good hour to drive the nearest rocks.

  • Financial affordability: 103/150
  • Quality and number of activities: 18/150
  • Quality of life: 34/150
  • Healthcare: 21/150

7. Salt Lake City, Utah

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We’re getting closer to the number one spot. For those who absolutely fond of national parks, Salt Lake City may be indeed that one perfect place to retire in. The city is now absolutely open to every religion. Another benefit of Salt Lake City is its friendly community, thanks to which you will never feel alone.

  • Financial affordability: 75/150
  • Quality and number of activities: 26/150
  • Quality of life: 92/150
  • Healthcare: 12/150

6. Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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The first city to prove that Florida is the best state to retire in the USA is Fort Lauderdale. The mild climate, tons of relaxing activities, great healthcare facilities, eye-pleasing views – it’s seems that this small city has it all. If you want to finally have your deserved rest, Fort Lauderdale is your best option.

  • Financial affordability: 76/150
  • Quality and number of activities: 4/150
  • Quality of life: 86/150
  • Healthcare: 48/150

5. Atlanta, Georgia

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Not everyone can fall in love with Atlanta, but this city will definitely make anyone feel themselves alive. Constant growth and development of the city every day remind the residents of the saying “movement is life.” If you want to remain active even in retirement, Atlanta can provide you with tons of opportunities.

  • Financial affordability: 58/150
  • Quality and number of activities: 8/150
  • Quality of life: 113/150
  • Healthcare: 52/150

4. Scottsdale, Arizona

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Scottsdale became the editors’ choice for several reasons. The first one was that the Mayo Clinic has its major branch in this city, which automatically makes Scottsdale great in the healthcare department. The second reason is that the city hosts lots of different annual cultural events: from fashion weeks to rodeos and culinary festivals. The third reason is the low crime rate, which also makes the city safe. In other words, welcome to arguably the best place for retirees to live in!

  • Financial affordability: 120/150
  • Quality and number of activities: 43/150
  • Quality of life: 5/150
  • Healthcare: 10/150

3. Miami, Florida

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Of course, one of the brightest cities in the US, Miami, can become your perfect retirement destination. Everything is great here. Even a simple cup of espresso, called a cortadito, seems to be ten times more delicious. The city has great infrastructure, so moving around is never a problem. And if you are a basketball fan, you’ll definitely enjoy going to the Miami Heat game.

  • Financial affordability: 36/150
  • Quality and number of activities: 4/150
  • Quality of life: 117/150
  • Healthcare: 29/150

2. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Pittsburgh gets silver in our ranking of the best retirement locations in the USA. Let’s look closer why is is so. The city has rich history in culture and arts, what makes it incredibly interesting. The Andy Warhol Museum and the Carnegie Museum of Arts are totally must-visit! The city constantly places high in different lists of the most livable cities. In 2010, both Forbes and Yahoo! ranked it as first. According to the former one, the cost of living is actually 12 percent below the average.

  • Financial affordability: 5/150
  • Quality and number of activities: 50/150
  • Quality of life: 14/150
  • Healthcare: 37/150

1. Orlando, Florida

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Finally, we welcome our winner, Orlando, arguably the best place to retire! Without further ado, let’s see how come. Orlando, which is a home to seven best themed parks worldwide, welcomes more than 68 million travelers for a good reason. But the reasons to live and retire there are even better. The thing is that Orlando is not only reasonably cheap, but also offers lots of opportunities in almost every direction, from business to entertainment. Moreover, it has one of the best healthcare facilities, which is definitely one of the most important factors.

  • Financial affordability: 8/150
  • Quality and number of activities: 14/150
  • Quality of life: 112/150
  • Healthcare: 13/150

If you think we’re done here, you are wrong. We've collected the data regarding these cities into one cool table for those who are more into raw numbers!

Top places to retire

City Median Home Price Avg High/Low Temperatures Median Age Population
10 Las Vegas $232,533 80.0° / 58.6° 36.7 632,912
9 Austin $278,608 79.7° / 54.8° 33.9 947,890
8 Denver $362,492 64.6° / 36.2° 36.2


7 Salt Lake City $290,894 63.8° / 41.6° 30.0 193,744
6 Fort Lauderdale $301,200 83.0° / 64.6° 42.7 178,752
5 Atlanta $192,892 71.8° / 53.2° 35.9 472,522
4 Scottsdale $380,300 82.4° / 63.6° 44.3 246,645
3 Miami $244,600 84.3° / 70.0° 40.6 453,579
2 Pittsburgh $137,550 60.6° / 41.9° 42.9 303,625
1 Orlando $213,717 82.8° / 62.8°



As you can see from the results of our analysis, Florida indeed is the best state for retirement with three cities making it into the top 10 ranking. However, the best place to retire is certainly where your family is, don’t you agree?

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Where would you like to retire? Is it Orlando or Pittsburgh? Or maybe it is some other city, which is not on the list? Share with us your opinion and experience!