Aunt Caring For Baby Niece At A Mall Demands That A Stranger Breastfeeds The Child Because She Forgot The Baby's Bottle At Home

October 15, 2019 10:08

Breastfeeding is generally considered a healthy way to feed infants and young babies. But when parents don't have the option for one reason or another, they can either choose to pump breastmilk into a bottle or give the baby formula.

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However, it's not unheard of for mothers, who are determined to give their children breastmilk but they themselves can't produce, to choose to feed their baby with other women's milk. This can happen by purchasing this milk from reputable sources or by asking a friend or family member you trust to step in.

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Regardless, it's never a smart idea to approach a random stranger to breastfeed a baby like this aunt chose to do.

An odd request

A Reddit user shared a story about how she was approached by an aunt who was babysitting her niece. The poster was at the mall with her own baby when the lady came up to her and complained that she had forgotten her baby niece's bottle at home and didn't feel like going back to get it.

When the poster suggested the aunt go buy some formula and other supplies to feed the child, the woman refused and said she was already babysitting for free and didn't feel like spending any more money on her niece.

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It was during this conversation that the aunt then demanded that the poster breastfeed the baby. The poster said she wasn't going to do that.

I’m not breastfeeding someone else’s child, particularly not someone I don’t even know.

The entitled aunt was very upset about this and wondered why the stranger couldn't breastfeed her baby niece.

I can’t believe you’re going to let an innocent child starve, don’t you even care?

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The poster insisted that she wasn't comfortable with breastfeeding a baby she didn't know and threatened to call mall security if the woman kept hassling her. The aunt decided to let it go but not before insulting the stranger.

Fine, well thanks for nothing, you fat cow!


Like the poster, people were furious and confused as to why the aunt felt it was within her rights to demand that a stranger breastfeed her niece.

@mushongc wrote:

This is pure insanity. I wish you could contact the mom and warn her about the kind of care her kid is receiving!

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Mumma must have been desperate to leave her child with this weirdo, aunt or no! Sorry you went through such harassment.


What kind of aunt does this?! I love my nieces and nephews and love to buy them things and if one of them needed food I would've bought it, no questions asked.

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Soo...this random woman is asking another woman who she doesn't even know with medical issues to breast feed her own niece?

It's clear to see that many people find the encounter to be bizarre and confusing. How exactly does one react in such a situation? And it does seem more than a little ironic that an aunt would be so reluctant to pause her shopping to get something for her niece to eat, then guilt-trip a stranger for not caring about the baby.

What would have been your reply if you were approached by someone like this aunt in a public place?