Dangerous Guests: Poisonous Spiders Can Come To Your House, But It's Possible To Detect Them And Avoid Being Bitten

September 5, 2019

For one reason or another, spiders figure prominently in the list of the most detested creatures for many of us. But take it for granted, spiders are as afraid of us as we are of them. Spiders are not bloodsuckers, so they do not normally bite people. The ubiquitous and often unsubstantiated spider superstitions aside, there is no gainsaying the fact that some spiders are indeed very venomous and often deadly.

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Even though spider bites are really rare, they merit medical attention, especially if performed by one of the most venomous representatives of the spider family.

Of the 3,000-odd species of spiders found in the US, only three types are generally deemed dangerous: recluse spiders, widows, and hobo spiders.

US Poisonous Spiders:

Black widow

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Black widows, for example, are not large but nonetheless venomous.

Brown recluse

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The venom of the brown recluse, in its turn, can be destructive to human flesh.

Hobo spider

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The hobo spider typically avoids people, but can behave aggressively in case of emergency.

Overall, although none of the three spiders is considered deadly, each can deliver a toxic, punishable bite.

The bite by each of these spiders can cause serious results, running the gamut of ugliness from a small pimple-like bump to a rotting-flesh lesion. Compared to their North American counterparts, British spiders are not as dangerous.

Most spiders found in the UK do not have a tendency to bite or even lack fangs – that is, the instruments to bite.

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Only the cellar spider, the false widow spider, and the woodlouse spider are known to have bitten people. Yet, their bites can cause swelling at worst.

Overall, if you put a hand or other body part – wittingly or not – in a spider habitat, you might have to deal with the outcomes

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First of all, it might be useful to learn to distinguish a genuine spider bite from other types of bug bites and other skin issues.

Unlike the bites by household spiders and other domestic varieties, which often heal on their own, the bites of black widow, brown recluse, require medical attention. The best advice is, of course, to seek medical attention with a sense of urgency.

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