Officer Spends 45 Minutes In Hot Car To Point Out Dangers And Explain That Extreme Heat Can Kill

June 11, 2018

Summer is here, which means that the awareness should be raised regarding hot vehicles. And some people are even eager to risk their health to prove others the importance of taking proper measures not to get harmed in a hot car.

In North Texas, police officer Lane spent 45 minutes in a car to show how quickly temperatures rise inside a vehicle. He was monitored by a fellow officer who then shared the experience on Facebook.

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At the end of the experiment, officer Lane had difficulty breathing, complained that his vision was wobbly, and had a headache. As he said in one of the videos of the project:

My head is just pounding right now. I'm seeing colors. I feel like I'm about to black out.

When Lane stepped out of the car, the temperature inside was 111 degrees, and such an extreme heat can actually kill! People rushed to comment on the video, thanking the brave officer for showing and example and worrying about his health.

Luckily, Officer Lane is doing fine after putting himself at risk.

It is important not to leave children and pets in cars, as they become a greenhouse. When the temperature is 70 degrees outside, the temperature inside can reach 113 degrees in an hour. And when it’s hotter outside, it can even climb to 170.

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