Riddle That Baffles The Adults: Can You Figure Out The Missing Number?

December 16, 2019

Brain teasers are not just an entertaining way to pass the time, they're also very good for us! It gives us a sense of accomplishment after tackling a challenge, remember how fun it was to use our brains to the fullest at school? We can relive that experience, but without additional pressure!

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Making a habit of solving puzzles in your free time can improve your memory, strengthen problem-solving skills, and even delay dementia and Alzheimer's disease! Plus, riddles are timeless, no matter how old you get, they never lose their value.

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Riddle that baffles adults

Alright, now here's your challenge for today: you need to figure out which number belongs to the cow, but to find that out you need to pay attention to other animals and they're numbers, think you know the connection?

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It definitely took us some time to finally crack this riddle (we won't tell whether or not we cheated and peaked at the answers).

Whenever you're ready for the reveal, it'll be waiting for you below.

Ready for the answer?

Here's the reasoning behind the numbers: which sound does the pictured animal make? Bee - buzz, cat - meow, dog - bark, pigeon - coo, so that makes cow - moo.

Answer: cow's number is 3.

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Isn't it funny how easy this riddle actually is? This is why 1st graders can solve it very quickly, they just don't complicate it!

Another puzzle for your brain's workout

If you hadn't had enough yet, we have another puzzle for you! This one will require basic math skills, so we're confident this one will be easy for you! Check out the image below and start counting!

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The answer is: 76.

Did you handle these riddles? If so, you've earned bragging rights in the comments and with of your friends! Speaking of, share this with others to see how they'll do.