62-Year-Old Woman Turns Into Hollywood Diva After Incredible Makeover Makes Her Look 2 Decades Younger

November 7, 2019 12:37

Christopher Hopkins, AKA The Makeover Guy, is one of the most famous figures in the beauty world. Not only is he an incredible makeup artist, he basically changes lives with impressive transformations that have gone viral over the years.

Old or young, long-hair or short-hair, Christopher has been able to do some magic with virtually every woman. Many people come to him unsure of the change they want to make. Usually, they just tell their story and express how they feel on the inside. Then Christopher determines the best style that suits them. And in most cases, he nails it.

Christopher Hopkins transforms Linda

Linda is a 62-year-old woman who was reeling from the loss of her parents. She revealed that she had lost them both within weeks of each other which was a tough ordeal to go through.

She wanted Christopher Hopkins to know that she felt like she was 40 on the inside and wouldn't mind if her outward looks reflected it.


As usual, the artist did his magic and Linda couldn't be happier. The woman went from wearing long blond hair to looking vibrant and youthful as a sleek redhaired lady.

Linda couldn't stop laughing after her makeover. Her whole countenance changed as she confessed that she was pleasantly surprised by the end result.

When he left it long I was surprised. Christopher does not cut everyone's hair short like everybody thought I would get.

It was pretty clear that she loved this new look.

Social media reactions

Many people also praised Linda's transformation.

@Josie's Journey:

Darlin, you looked "good" in your before and in your "after" you look spectacular. Cannot believe how youthful that dark color is on you. And he kept it long! I love it when Christopher shocks us all like that;)


@Cindy White:

The color of her hair is gorgeous it makes her look so beautiful much love to you all.


I was worried about this one because her hair was beautiful before but I love the end result. The dark color really suits her! Nice work!

@Gina Trujillo:

Love that she kept it long and trendy She looks like she's in her 40s for sure, such a pretty lady.


@Elaine Clements Finn:

Oh WOW !!! Gorgeous. She looks maybe Early 40's tops!!

There's no doubt that Linda looked much younger than her actual age in her after-picture. The red hair suited her nicely and added a lot more bounce to her overall appearance. Christopher did a fantastic job and we can see why there's such a look of happiness on this woman's face after the makeover.

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