55-Year-Old Woman Is Tired Of Feeling "Old And Fat" But A Blonde New Look Changes Everything

January 13, 2020

One woman suddenly felt a decade younger thanks to a big change in her hairstyle and a brand new look overall. While this may sound hard to believe, the right hairstyle really can give you a much-needed boost, both on the inside and outside.

New hair, new you

You may have heard fashion magazines and hair pros tell you that something as small as a change in hairdo can transform your look. Perhaps you feel a little skeptical and wonder if they are just trying to sell you something. But as it turns out, one psychologist does agree with this view.

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Speaking to NBC News, Dr. Tricia Wolanin, a clinical psychologist, noted that if you want to be noticed, a new hairdo may be your best bet. According to her, one of the first things people notice about you is your haircut, and this is especially true when you make even a subtle alteration to it.

When we take the time to make a shift, others notice. It may be a trim in our bangs, new color, or a whole new style — but our hair makes a statement.

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As a result, if you intend to undergo a makeover, your hair is an important aspect that needs to be adjusted and it will very likely be the first thing people will comment about.

This explains why this woman's transformation from dark hair to blonde radically changed her whole appearance, and it's all thanks to Christopher Hopkins, the Makeover Guy.

From drab to fab

55-year-old Lisa approached the Makeover guy as she wanted to try a new look. When asked how she felt about herself, she replied:

I feel old and fat.

She elaborated that she gained about 35 pounds in the last four years and she hadn't done anything new with her hair in a very long time. Her main goal was to feel better and younger after the makeover.


Christopher Hopkins did his thing and one of the biggest changes he made was to give Lisa a radiant, blonde hairstyle. Thanks to this transformation, the lovely lady couldn't help but applaud her new look.

I feel ten years younger at least... I can't stop giggling and looking at myself.

The power of blonde

In addition to her fabulous makeup and a fiercer outfit, the biggest change to Lisa was her blonde hairstyle and it was pretty clear that it was responsible for her youthful look.

L'Oréal Professionnel INOA colorist Jonathan Gale gave a glimpse into the beauty of the blonde look and explained that women with this hair color "radiate light and beaming energy."

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TheRightHairstyles agrees, noting that aging women do prefer to go blonde these days but the key is to choose the right tone for you. Thankfully, this is where a hairstylist comes in. They take your overall look, skin tone and style into consideration and help you determine the best blonde shade that highlights your beauty.

This was obviously true for Lisa whose vibrancy shone through as she talked about how much she loved her new hairstyle.

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More tips for women who want to look younger

We all hope to grow old but we just don't want to look it. This is actually an achievable goal as long as you keep these lifestyle tips in mind.

  • Remove makeup before bed: A healthy skin is an integral part of maintaining youthfulness and one way to achieve this is to avoid bad skin habits like leaving makeup on while sleeping. Washing your face before bed helps prevent clogged pores and keeps your skin free from all the pollution gathered in the course of the day.
  • Use moisturizer: Don't wait until your 50s to get started. The earlier you adopt sunscreen and moisturizers in your daily skin regimen, the better.
  • Olive oil: Using extra virgin olive oil especially when you have dry and sensitive skin can have a positive effect on your looks.
  • Makeup tweaks: Other makeup tips like using a lighter shade of lipstick, investing in quality concealer, and sweeping your blush brush in the highest points of your cheekbones can also give the illusion of a younger appearance.

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Looking your best does take some effort. And in many cases, it requires you to takes some style risks. Getting out of your comfort zone and experimenting with different looks can give you several options. You may even find a brand new style that's a total gamechanger like Lisa did.

We hail this woman's bravely as she was unafraid to try something new and we agree that this look works for her. What do you think?

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