60-Year-Old Woman Chops Her Long Hair For A Brand New Look But People Think It's A Bad Idea

January 14, 2020

Going from long hair to short is a pretty big deal for many people. When you have spent most of your life letting your hair go long, that look ends up becoming a part of you and the idea of chopping it off can be horrifying. But sometimes, this brave move can be the best thing for you.

Short hair benefits

Many women in their 40s, 50s and beyond consider cutting the long locks they have been used to for decades. The reason for this varies.

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Senior Stylist at John Frieda salons, Nadia Dean, told Womanandhome that some women believe their long hair is responsible for "pulling their features down" which can exacerbate signs of aging. As a result, they consider short hair an option for giving their face a lift.

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Creative Manager at Charles Worthington Salons, Katie Allan, also gave a possible reason for why some people may choose to go short. According to Allan, those with unhealthy-looking hair can choose to go shorter since this is easier to maintain. In some cases, it can be their attempt to hide the greys as many women want to stay youthful around this time.

Christopher Hopkins transforms a 60-year-old woman

Also known as the makeover guy, Christopher Hopkins has performed his usual magic on a 60-year-old woman who hoped to look as young as she felt on the inside.

Christopher is known for carrying out some of the most fascinating makeover transformations on women of all ages. However, his work on older women receives continuous praise from fans. They love how he is been able to use the power of hair and makeup to shave years, and sometimes decades, off his clients' faces.

Christopher Hopkins the makeover guy is basically a veteran in the game. He has been doing his thing since 1990, his website reveals, and continues to wow his audience with some of the most dramatic on-screen makeovers.

He was the go-to person for 60-year-old Deb when she decided she wanted a change in her appearance. Deb's before shot showed her rocking her long dark hair with hints of grey.


When Christopher was done with her, Deb had a much shorter and edgier look. She looked much different from before and she adored her new appearance.

I absolutely love it. It's what I wanted.

We can understand why Deb immediately felt much better about herself after the makeover. Rose Weitz, a women and gender studies professor at Arizona State University, explained to Today that a person's hairdo is a reflection of who they are.

She noted that this is one of the most easily adjustable areas of our appearance so when people make changes to it, it gives insight, not just into outward image but how they view themselves on the inside as well.

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Skepticism about the makeover

Not everyone agreed that this was the best look for Deb, though. Some users who commented on the video felt like her hair before the makeover was actually better.

Ayesha sheik:

She was already pretty and looked much younger before the makeover.

Katy Summer:

Preferred the before - I think she looked stunning and natural. It's a rather boring managerial look afterwards. Love your makeovers normally.

Carol Newlands:

I thought she was gorgeous and a bit wild looking before..I know she wanted it short but I think it really aged her..sorry my first "not happy" commnet EVER!!


Hair mistakes that make you look older

We all want to look as youthful as possible regardless of our age. This isn't an impossible dream to achieve. You can even begin by avoiding these mistakes.

  • An unflattering hairstyle: Haircuts that softly frame your face are usually flattering, especially for older women. Harsh and sharp cuts don't always work as well.
  • Sticking with the same look: It's easy to get comfortable with the same hairstyle for years, but this is a big mistake if you want to stay youthful. Don't be afraid to switch things up.
  • One-color look: One hair trick that helps people look younger has to do with playing around with colors and highlights. Using one solid color isn't advisable.

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One thing any stylist will tell you is that you shouldn't be afraid to experiment when it comes to your looks. Deb made the brave move to do something drastically different to her hair. She decided to cut her long hair which must not have been an easy decision but she loved the outcome.

Sure, some people may disagree but as long as Deb is happy with her new look, that's all that matters. What's your opinion? Yay or Nay on the makeover?

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