'I Feel Fabulous.' 80-Year-Old Woman Becomes A Whole New Person After Epic Makeover And People Applaud The Transformation

November 26, 2019 15:28

Christopher Hopkins has proven his skill and talents in the world of makeovers. This impressive stylist has managed to carry out some pretty amazing transformations so it's no wonder his fan base only keeps on increasing.

Christopher Hopkins Makeover Guy YouTube account is filled with several videos of these before and after processes. People come to him looking for a change and in many cases, he manages to transform them beyond their wildest imaginations.

One of the best things about Christopher Hopkins' makeover is how he's able to take years (and sometimes decades) off his clients' faces with the power of makeup and some hair changes.

Christopher Hopkins, The Makeover Guy, transforms an 80-year-old woman

80-year-old Paula was excited to make a change in her look. She arrived at Christopher Hopkins' studios wearing a gray hair and no makeup. She looked very much her age but that didn't mean she was about to give up on making herself prettier.

Paula revealed that she wanted a style that was easy to maintain as she didn't usually spend a lot of time on makeup.

Based on the transformation that followed, Paula got exactly what she needed. Her hair remained the same color which meant she wouldn't have to worry about maintaining a new shade.


Her makeup was also simple and classy which was likely something that she would find easy to recreate.

Paula absolutely loved the transformation too. She said:

I feel ****ing fabulous!

The famous stylist sure did a fantastic job with this lady.

Kudos for a job well done

Followers of Christopher Hopkins' Makeover Guy YouTube account couldn't help but compliment Paula's new look.

Bella Beau:

WOW!! She looks 20 years younger.



She looks amazing she looks about 60 not 80.


Hot damn!! She looks HOT!!!! She looks like she’s going to a dinner party with the Kardashians!!! Christopher & Mom rock!!!!


Gayce S Middleton:

Gorgeous, looks 15-20 years younger!

Patricia Bilinkas:

You knocked 15 years off her at the very least. Bravo!


Judging by Paula's before/after shot, it was really clear that she looked like a completely different woman. Her beauty and confidence shone through much stronger and her smile brightened up the room.

We have a feeling she would embrace this fabulous new look and it was all thanks to Christopher Hopkins' genius.

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