Tired Of Battling With Under-Eye Dark Circles? A Simple Red Lipstick Hack Could Be The Answer

December 23, 2019

Getting rid of dark circles under the eyes can be a really challenging process. Seriously, it can be very frustrating to do the perfect makeup but then take one glance at the results and see those pesky dark spots ruining it all. In a perfect world, a concealer should be the solution to all your problems but this isn't always the case.

So how does one remove these spots completely? We do have an answer for you. But if you're like us and believe prevention is better than cure, then you have to consider the causes of these dark circles and explore ways of minimizing them or preventing them completely.

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First off, getting bags under the eyes can leave a dark shade in the area. And according to writer Jason G Goldman, who shared his findings with the BBC, these bags can be caused by aging and possibly an increased intake of salt which can lead to swelling (edema).

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Now the theory that stress, not getting enough sleep and being tired can cause bags under the eyes is actually quite common, but one study found that these claims haven't been scientifically proven beyond doubts.

Makeup tips for removing dark circles under the eye

Since you're here for a beauty hack that helps you get rid of these dark circles, bags under the eyes and basically any blemish on your face, let's get right to it.

One thing you ought to remember is that there are products out there that are specifically made to solve these problems. However, if you're a casual makeup user and don't have a whole chest full of products, or you're simply trying to cut costs and utilize the makeup items you do have, then this trick is for you. And here's the cool part: all you need is a lipstick.

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YouTuber Deepica Mutyala was one of the first people who made this color-correcting makeup process popular. In fact, her original video on the topic, which was posted in 2015, now has over ten million views.

Here, she demonstrated her trick which was about using a makeup brush to apply some lipstick to the area you want to conceal before moving on to your regular makeup routine. For her skin shade, red lipstick was a perfect choice but if your skin tone differs from hers, you may want to consider experimenting with darker or lighter shades of lipsticks to get your perfect color.

People found Deepica's trick so useful that they gushed about its magic.

@Catherine Gochoco praised it:

Love this video! I have spent so much money on under eye concealer. I tried this trick and it works so well! Thank you so much! You are freaking gorgeous!

@Maria Cecilia exclaimed:

Oh my gosh! I have super dark circles. I just tried this and it worked! Thank you soo much!

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@Halima Bob agreed:

I love this tutorial. So simple and straightforward! I tried it myself and it worked!

Getting rid of dark circles

Now, we know that a simple tool like lipstick can help hide dark circles. But if your goal is to get rid of them completely, you may want to consider a few points.

Rebecca Tung, an Illinois dermatologist suggested that if you get dark circles or bags under the eyes in the morning, you can try sleeping on your back and using an extra pillow so that the fluid doesn't gather overnight, thereby leading to swelling by morning.

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Drinking a lot of water, minimizing salt intake in your diet and getting enough Vitamin C are also great ways to reduce undereye dark spots.

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Having dark circles on your face isn't fun but it is interestingly a very common problem. Hopefully, now you know what causes them, how to prevent them and also an amazing way to cover them up if you have to. Do let us know in the comments if this hack has worked for you.

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