51-Year-Old Woman Wanted A Fresh Start, Then A New Haircut Has Her Looking 20 Years Younger

December 19, 2019

Famous stylist Christopher Hopkins has made a name for himself through his impressive makeover skills. There's a reason why people fall in love with nearly every one of his transformation videos. The audience is always so moved by how much differently the subject feels after undergoing a big change, especially when it comes to hair.

Elaine Slater, a resident psychologist at the British Fashion Council shed some light on why people become so emotional when they undergo a great makeover.

Elaine explained that a person's hair is linked to their "general sense of attractiveness" and this is connected to their confidence.

As a result, when many people make drastic changes to their hair and they fall in love with their new look, they aren't just reacting to the physical appearance but rather, they are responding to their innate feeling of self-assuredness and gaining control of some elements of their life.

Christopher Hopkins, The Makeover Guy, transforms Rebecca

A beautiful 51-year-old woman named Rebecca was ready to make some pretty big changes in her life. She revealed that she had started working on losing weight and she felt she needed the perfect look to go with it. What better way to start things up than a Christopher Hopkins makeover.

Before Hopkins began working his magic, Rebecca appeared on the show looking really casual with lackluster brown hair. She was obviously not feeling too confident about her looks and she knew she needed something to change.

By the time Hopkins was done, Rebecca looked like a completely different woman. Her hair was transformed into a shorter, more vibrant appearance and the makeup ended up brightening her face. In fact, she looked like she could pass for a 30-year-old woman. Somehow, Hopkins managed to shave years off her face with just the magic of hair and makeup.

Rebecca was so thrilled that at one point, she declared. "I look pretty, so pretty" in a singsong voice.

Approval from fans

People absolutely loved this woman's new look.

@Dawn Vierra said:

What a knockout! Looks 20 years younger at least.

@Medyati Oktarina agreed:

Amazing. She looks 35 after the makeover.

@Lesbian mermaid Queen2599:

She now looks to be about mid-late 30’s.

Josie's Journey::

He doesn't just take off years, he takes off pounds! This lady is radiant, youthful, and truly "pretty." Loved her shock & awe... I felt the same way when I saw her "after" look. Excellent work Christopher!

There's something so moving about seeing somebody appreciate their makeover. You can basically see them glow and observe how much happier they look thanks to these little changes. This is why people like Christopher Hopkins will always have fans' support. He changes people's lives just as easily as he changes their hairstyles.

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