"She Is Truly A Work Of Art!": Woman Came In For A Makeover After Losing Weight And Came Out With An Exhilarating Result

November 21, 2019 12:56

When we're itching for a good makeover, we always turn to one and only transformation guru Christopher Hopkins, and he never disappoints. Are you ready to see yet another lady have her life completely turned around?

From zero to a 100% foxy lady

Addie came to Christopher Hopkins, aka the MakeoverGuy, for help after she lost some weight and wanted to reinvent her style.


She was a bit nervous to step out of her comfort zone, but when asked if she's afraid of anything, Addie confidently replied "absolutely nothing" and trusted the process.

The result completely floored us. Addie looks like a completely different person! The soft brown curl, the subtle makeup suits her so well. You can tell Christopher didn't do anything too drastic, but the transformation ended up being absolutely breathtaking.


Addie even became a little bit sassy! She was definitely feeling her new look.

Amazed reactions online

@Dawn Ross:

Wow, for me, this is one of the best. This lady is transformed!


Amazing ❤ she looks 20 years younger and the best version of that too.

@Kathryn Lily:

This is insane! How do you do this?! I keep thinking I am not going to be shocked and then I see the reveal and my jaw drops. Another beauty.

@Valerie Foster:

She was all the aspects of art before, the paint, canvas and brushes. Look what you did with your artistry Christopher, she is truly a work of art that deserves to be gazed upon and appreciated. You look beautiful sweet pea.

@Christine Miller:

Absolutely astounding! Great work Christopher! Beautiful lady! She shines🙂

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