Best Christmas Nail Design Ideas That Will Make You Queen Of The Party

November 28, 2019

Christmas like every other season in the year has its trends and fashion appeal. As a woman, you can flavor to your manicure with Christmas art for the season.

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The holidays are the perfect time to relax and take care of yourself. It’s also a great opportunity to have a long overdue treat. And what is the best way to do this, get a badass manicure.

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For some getting a mani equals getting time to unwind and.According to Cosmopolitan, Jane Park, the CEO and founder of Julep nail salons says:

Treating yourself is so emotionally important for women — we are all doing more and have less time to unplug.

Christmas nails ideas

Having your nails polished as you cosy up close to the fireplace can give you a warm sense of satisfaction. But did you just go for the boring red or green nail polish? We are here to help you spice up the festive season.

Let’s think outside the box with some fun designs to make the holidays perfect. You can bet that you’re in luck as we will show you some Christmas nail designs to choose from.

The list is endless when it comes to mani ideas, from snow globes to candy canes, glitters to snowflakes, Christmas trees to Reindeer. So, here are a few Christmas nail art ideas from Instagram that will make you queen of the party, you can thank me later.

1. Pink and silver sparkles

2. Nude and white with snowflakes

3. Christmas green nails with snowball

4. Reindeer and Santa

Trending colors

With Christmas right just a few weeks away, it's time to switch things with your nails by painting it in a festive color. One of the easiest ways to add glam to your look this period is using trending colors.

This includes rose gold, earthy green, flashy red, sparkly navy, glamorous gold, classic burgundy, and shining silver.

All these nail ideas can involve quite a bit of time, so if you are not convinced of your DIY skills, book a manicure appointment or purchase these nails and get them fixed.

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