Mature Woman Swaps Her Rapunzel Locks For A Trendy Full Bob And Happily Embraces Gray Hair After An Incredible Makeover

December 17, 2019

A drastic haircut can do a lot for a person's emotional state and overall mood. A psychologist believes that people go for radical transformations because it's empowering and gives us control, especially at times when we feel like there's a lack of it in our lives.

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In addition, how good does it feel when a gamble pays off and your hair comes out exactly how you wanted it? There's no feeling like it!

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Let's actually check out a very drastic transformation done on a mature woman.

From rapunzel hair to trendy bob cut

We chose the perfect video of a mature woman getting rid of her long and mousy-looking hair and getting the trendiest bob haircut ever! Treat yourself to the very first makeover on the video below.

She also got such a stylish gray color, which proves you don't have to dye your hair to look stunning, embrace the gray if that's what you like!

Feeling inspired yet? Just hold on for a sec and take time to really think about the makeover you want. It could also be helpful to loo through recommendations on how to make a haircut change as painless as possible.

Tips to radically changing your hairstyle stress-free

Many people often crave to do something radically different with their hair, but are often afraid to do so, and it's perfectly understandable. The image of the final result may be one way in our heads, but what if in real life it would be a disaster?

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Fear not, we have some useful tips for how you can change your style safely and, hopefully, get the exact result you're looking for:

  1. Only work with stylists you trust. This is not the time to go to someone new, even if the salon seems fancy. If you're looking for a drastic change it's better to do it with a professional you've worked before that can understand you well.
  2. Take your time. Ask your stylist to work on your hair in stages, so that if you don't like the direction it's taking, you can give yourself an out.
  3. Change the direction you part your hair in. It's simple, but can be quite life-changing, for starters.
  4. Start with styling, not a cut. You can build-up to a radical haircut by simply changing the way your style your hair.

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We hope these tips will work well for you and give you courage to experiment with your hair. And remember, the number one rule is to work with a professional you know and trust. Good luck!

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