Psychologists Explain Why Beautiful People Are More Successful In Life: “Good-Looking People Are More Appealing”

December 16, 2019 16:29

We are all familiar with an expression “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” However, it’s hard to deny the fact that people who are considered to have better than average looks seem to have more luck in the career field and in life in general. But why beautiful people are more successful?

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Here’s what psychology thinks about attractive people

Professor of economics at the University of Texas Daniel Hamermesh tried to explain the correlation between attractiveness and success in his latest book, titled Beauty Pays: Why Attractive People Are More Successful.

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He noted that recent studies have shown that beautiful people are paid more than their less-attractive colleagues. Not only that, they also get promotions more quickly. Why is that?

Hamermesh believes that people with good looks tend to have personality traits that are liked by employers. For example, most of them are very self-confident, which is a very useful trait in the business world.

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University of Chicago’s professor Dario Maestripieri has its own explanation. He noticed that supermodels or attractive actresses never fly economy class, only first or business, not mentioning private jets.

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Maestripieri coined a concept called “the pleasure of dealing with good-looking people.” The concept means that customers will likely to buy more stuff from an attractive salesperson because they subconsciously assume it will get chances of sleeping with him or her higher.

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He explained:

Good-looking people are more appealing as potential sex partners and [so] other people choose to interact with them, to spend time near them, talk with them, buy insurance from them, and hire them as employees.

Another study made by researchers at Rice University and the University of Houston reinforced the professors’ point, adding that individuals who have blemishes, scars or other “imperfections” were rated badly by interviewers.

Daniel Hamermesh also noted that beautiful people are generally happier but for deferent reasons. For attractive men, happiness might lie in career success. Beautiful women can get a mood boost just from looking in the mirror.

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Nonetheless, we all know that beauty doesn’t last. All those perks that attractive people accept with a charming smile will disappear as they get older. That’s why it’s important to find a good career that will not be solely based on good looks and develop other qualities that will make you stand out from the rest.

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