Rapunzel Married Couple That Hadn't Had A Haircut In Decades Got A Drastic Makeover And Ended Up Looking Absolutely Fabulous

November 6, 2019 10:15

You can never overestimate the importance of a good haircut. Depending on the state of your hair you can either instantly make a great first impression on someone, or come off as a slob.

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A presentable haircut is important for both men and women and plays a big role in social and professional situations. Want an example?

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A couple gets a jaw-dropping transformation

Meet Charles and Michele, a married couple from New Jersey that came to The Rachael Ray Show to change their lives.

Both spouses had neglected their hair for a very long time before appearing on the show: Charles hadn't had a haircut in 10 years, and Michele kept her hair the same for 21 years! This means, between the two of them, it'd been 31 years since their last haircut.

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Charles knew it was time for a change since he's changed his professional path and needed to look more put together:

I deal with a lot of people on a corporate level now, and I'd really like to look more the part.

The man said his daughter had never seen him with short hair, so he was excited to surprise her:

She doesn't think I'm cool, but I'm going to be cool.

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Michele, on the other hand, wanted to feel beautiful and confident again for various social occasions:

When I go out with my friends they all look so glamorous and I kind of feel like the frumpy mom type.

It was a challenge for the Rachael Ray's team, especially when they were cutting Charles hair, there was so much of it!

But the makeover was a success and Charles and Michele came out looking like completely different people.

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Their daughter couldn't hold her tears and was amazed by the transformation:

They look fabulous. Oh my god!

This is definitely one of the most impressive makeovers we've ever seen! What do you think?