Long To Short Can Be Fun: Woman Changes Her Hairstyle And Looks 10 Years Younger After Stunning Makeover

December 17, 2019

If you want to change your life for the better, start with a hairstyle change. It’s so simple and so true! A heroine of this article knows this for sure!

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Importance of a good haircut

Cut your hair, change your life! Unfortunately, most women are so busy with their daily routine that they simply forget about themselves. And it’s so wrong!

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If a woman neglects her looks, other people will feel the same way about her. A good haircut can reveal a lot about a woman. If you think that your hairstyle doesn’t matter in your surroundings, then we suggest thinking twice!

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Remember! There won’t be a second chance to make the first impression! For this reason, take time for yourself and don’t be afraid of changes. Stylists suggest starting with hair.

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Impressive makeover

Angela had worn her hair long since she was 10. But her ‘dull’ looks didn’t reflect her bright inner personality. For this reason, Angela addressed the professional team of stylists from MAKEOVERGUY and they transformed her style drastically from hair to makeup.

Long to short can be fun!

The result stunned everyone. Breathtaking transformation!

Tips for styling short hair

Short hair needs an appropriate care. Here are some useful tips for styling short hair:

  1. Let your hair air dry to avoid damaging it.
  2. Don’t use wax on hair roots.
  3. When crimping the layers of hair underneath, you'll get a major boost in volume.
  4. Use salt sprays for beachy curls.
  5. Change the way you wrap your hair around the iron to get awesome curls.

Olena Hromova /

Don’t be afraid of experimenting with your hairstyle, dear ladies!

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