Stay Ahead Of The Game! Fabulous Nail Trends Of 2020 As Shared By Experts

December 24, 2019

What do your nails say about you? It sounds crazy to think that these little body parts can reveal a lot of things about your personality and style. But it turns out that your nails can actually tell a pretty fascinating story.

Why care for your nails at all?

Nail trends are a big deal for a reason. Just like you pay attention to outfit trends, you should also keep up with what's in vogue in the nail world and that goes for both your hands and feet. These parts of your body deserve some pampering.

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TrieunaNail explained it best when they pointed out that having perfectly cared-for nails is crucial as these body parts can often be affected when exposed to certain weather, activities, dust, dirt, and so on. Your hands and feet work hard to keep you going. They deserve some attention.

A well-manicured nail isn't just an ornamental process. Your nails say a lot about your physical health and manicures go a long way in improving it. Joya.Life explains that having healthy nails help you make a strong impression on others. On the other hand, if you go about sporting dirty fingers and toenails, it does make you look unkempt and awkward.

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6 biggest nail trends of 2020

2019 is about to come to an end and if having perfect nails is your goal, then it's time to see what trends are in store for the coming year. What nail trend colors should you go for? What manicure trend is in vogue? We have some answers for you.

1. Animal Print Nail Trend

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Refinery29 pointed out that anything relating to animal print design, be it shoes, bags or a dress, has always been a way for anyone to stand out. So be ready to incorporate this trend to your nails as well.

2. Metallic Nail Trend

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According to Trendspotter, this season is one of the best for metallic nails. The style has shown up all over Hollywood and people are absolutely embracing it. The good news is that it looks good in virtually any color.

3. Subtle Nail Polish

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The barely-there nail color has also been a fascinating trend for manicure enthusiasts. Intothegloss noted that this look helps give the impression that you're not high-maintenance but you do appreciate the value of having great nails.

4. Colorful Frenches

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You want 2020 to be bright and wonderful for you, right? Then surely you must see the appeal of bringing that brightness to your fingers and toes.

5. Designs With Self-Stick Jewels And Pearls

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Explore your individuality with this style of nails. There are so many options out there to consider so grab a few jewels and other fun embellishments, then wow those around you with your nail art.

6. Mix And Match Nail Art

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Who says you only have to choose one design for all your fingers? If you adore different themes but aren't sure what to go for, then why not go crazy and use them all?

Grooming your nails at home

No matter what nail design option you choose, never forget the basics of having clean and healthy nails in the first place. Some tips to consider include:

  • Use an old toothbrush: According to LadyLifeHacks, you can use an old toothbrush to scrub the nooks and crannies of your nails especially for removing leftover polish.
  • Soak and exfoliate: Stylecaster noted that this helps to soften your nail beds before you start painting or working on them. You can also use a hand scrub to smoothen the skin.
  • Lip balm hack: You can apply a lip balm on your nails to help keep them moist.
  • Wash your hands: Before applying your nail polish, you should degrease your hands and feet by simply washing them with soap and water. This improves the chance of your mani-pedi lasting longer.

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The nail polish color and manicure trends offered here are pretty easy to recreate. Sure, you can get them done yourself. But why not make a whole spa day out of it and have someone pamper you a little. After working hard all year long, you deserve the break. And you can leave your stylist with some fabulous looking nails and a fantastic attitude. With the right style and color, 2020 is sure to be a great year.

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