Long-Haired Woman Wants To Cut Her Locks To Look Younger, But People Think Her Short-Hair Makeover Was A Mistake

November 19, 2019 12:04

A woman's makeover left people feeling a bit underwhelmed as they wondered if she could have just gone with her regular hairstyle. What they resonated most with was the fact that she wanted something that made her look younger.

The question then becomes, does the wrong hairstyle age you? According to Sam Villa Hair Show Ambassador, Marissa Villa, the wrong hair length can actually make you look older, but this completely depends on your features and the health of your hair.

For example, if your hair is thinning as you age, you have the option of going shorter but ensure you incorporate depth and layers. The goal is to have a flattering hairstyle, long or short. In other words, as long as you rock dynamic and versatile hairdos, the length doesn't really matter.

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Older woman's hair makeover- before and after

Women's long hair makeovers are actually common because many people, tired of their long locks, think that a drastic chop is what they need.

Pam, for example, wanted a new look. The lady, who had long brown locks at the beginning of the video, wanted the Makeoverguy to do something completely different. She was ready for a shorter length and a different color.


The stylist did a pretty great job and gave her a short, layered hairstyle in a much lighter shade.

Pam absolutely loved the end result. She believed it was exactly the look she wanted.

Comments for the older woman's makeover

Not everyone was happy with Pam's makeover. Seeing the before and after photos had some wondering if she should have simply kept her long hair.

@Meike Mackrodt:

In my opinion she looked younger with long hair. She just needed some hair color and makeup.


@Angela Judd:

I didn’t think her long hair aged her but that bun sure did.


She looked lovely and more natural with her long hair. I would've just colored the gray.



It is simply not true that long hair makes you look older. Actress Jane Seymour approaches 70, has waist-length hair and looks like thirty-something. If you have beautiful hair, there never is an age limit. The lady in the makeover could have kept the length and would have looked even more amazing. Her hair, just taken out of a bun, simply looked uncombed in the beginning, that was all.


@Fiona Cahill:

If she had simply fixed her color at the roots, concentrated on just a good cut & her skin regime, this lady actually had beautiful youthful-looking, gorgeous colored and full hair.

goodluz /

Women's long hair makeovers do tend to make their faces completely different. But while Pam adored her new look, the general consensus was that, ironically, the long hair made her look younger. Nevertheless, this lady is fine with her makeover and, in the end, her happiness is what truly matters.

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