Senior Woman Feels Insecure Having "Ugly" Hands But A Nurse Reassures Her Immediately: "Your Hands Tell The Story Of Your Life"

December 16, 2019

Wrinkly hands are an inevitable part of aging. Some people may feel strongly unconfident with seeing young skin transforming into old, but it's a natural process of our lifespan.

Yet, there is something special when we, as young people, touch our grandparents' wrinkly hands — it gives an exceptional sense and meaning to be around them as they grow older. That's why we want to feel special, too, when we start aging rapidly.

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Woman's wrinkled hands

A senior woman feels insecure because of her 'ugly' hands, mostly because of aging spots, which are a typical sign of old and wrinkly skin. One young lady, supposedly a nurse, was painting a new resident's nails, and a beautiful woman came and asked for a clear color. "That's no fun," responded the girl.

When the woman was asked why she didn't want to paint her nails, her response was somewhat heartbreaking:

My hands are ugly, I don't want to draw attention to them.

Then, the young female replied:

Your hands tell the story of your life. They tell the story of love, of care, and adventure. These hands have touched and held things that most people can only wish to one day.

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People were touched by the story and left their adorable comments on social media

@Angelica Pickles:

What an amazing thing to say and so very perfect. She is blessed to have you helping her. ❤

@EllaDawn Burns:

She actually has very pretty, feminine hands

@Tessa Thornton:

Awwww love that!!! Made me tear up!!! Love your heart!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

@Jennifer Hall:

That's very true... Thank you for sharing your beautifulness!! You have no clue how much we all need the beauty you have!!

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What to do?

Aging naturally is always admiring and important. But if you have wrinkled hands not relating to age, then here are some tips for you to make them less dry and more 'alive':

  • Wear gloves in cold and windy weather, as well as while washing dishes.
  • Wear sunscreen as sun damage can lead to dryness, wrinkles, and age spots.
  • Moisturize and treat the skin.
  • Spa treatment and more. /

Taking care of oneself is never old song, but aging naturally and being thankful for it is no less significant. Embrace your age, but never give up being good for yourself!

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