From Grandma To Glam-Ma! Woman's Eyes Widen In Shock And Awe As Impressive Makeover Shaves Decades Off Her Face

December 2, 2019 15:56

Getting a makeover haircut can be scary sometimes. In many cases, people get so used to having the same hairstyle that the idea of leaving that comfort zone and doing something different can be terrifying.

However, when you no longer feel confident in your appearance, a makeover transformation can be exactly what you need to boost your mood. You may discover a new hairstyle, a different makeup or an overall change in style can turn things around. And when you look good, you feel good too.

Self-confidence has as much to do with the inside as with the outside. So the key is to never forget to make your physical appearance a priority, no matter your age.

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An amazing makeover haircut

A grandma named Kelly was ready for something different. When she showed up to get a makeover from the famous MakeoverGuy, she had on brown hair which just didn't look as vibrant as her personality.

Kelly said her hair used to be "pin-straight" but as she got older, it lost that luscious look. This made the grandma realize she could do with a makeover transformation.


The Makeoverguy did a terrific job on Kelly. He gave her a brand new hair color and hairstyle, both of which shaved years off her face. Add a little bit of makeup and she was good to go.

The grandma was very happy with her glamorous new look.

I feel gorgeous! It's not pretty, it's freaking gorgeous!


This makeover got generally rave reviews from internet users.

@Awilda Jimenez commented:

She absolutely nailed it, she looks gorgeous! Bonus, she has a fabulous personality to go with her gorgeous new self.


@Interstellar was impressed too:

Wow I would never have thought it possible someone could scrub up like that may be on extreme makeover just Amazing

@Elaine Der wrote:

VaVaVaVoom! From frumpy to absolutely breathtaking.


And @christine beames commented:

From washer woman to Wonder Woman xxxx.

Some great hair tips

Apart from maintaining hair health, there are also other simple tips to keep your hair looking youthful and vibrant like Kelly's new do.

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According to SouthernLiving, some hair colors like caramel, strawberry blonde, chocolate and auburn can help you look younger.

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Actually, there are a lot of hairstyles and color options for everyone out there depending on your style and what you're comfortable with. The key is to experiment. Some looks may work and some won't. But when you stick with the same one, you're missing out on so many fabulous options that just may be game-changers.

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