What Colors Suit Your Skin Tone? Colors To Wear And Avoid For All Complexions

December 20, 2019

One of the biggest challenges of building a great wardrobe is choosing the right colors for yourself. Turns out, many of us are doing it wrong, because we try to match our clothes to our hair, makeup, or even accessories.

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But did you know that the most important thing we need to keep in mind when choosing good colors for ourselves is our skin tone. According to Maria Macklin, a House of Colour star consultant:

It’s all about skin tones and undertones. People tend to match their hair with their clothes rather than skin tone and most women have eight colours in their wardrobe in general and tend to hide in safe colours. When they leave here they realise that a quarter of those clothes will suit them. It’s not about the colours they like but the colours that like them.

Maria also made a video that can help you achieve great color combinations in your style.

Colors to wear and avoid for all skin types

We still want to dive in deeper and break down do's and dont's for three main skin colors.

Fair/Light skin

Having light skin is both blessing and a curse in terms of colors, there are clear-cut rules, so it's easy to do something right and very wrong at the same time.

Good colors: darker shades, including burgundy, bottle green, deep navy.

Unflattering colors: pastel colors, khaki, black.

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Medium/Olive skin

If you have olive skin then congratulations are in order! You have the most forgiving skin type and it's difficult to go wrong when choosing colors for yourself.

Good colors: beige, magenta, white, almost all warm colors.

Unflattering colors: brown, coffee, basically anything that can make you look nude.

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Darker skin

You were also blessed with a skin that can make any color look incredible. Frankly speaking, you can wear any color you want, but there is one recommendation you might want to consider.

Good colors: almost all would look great on you, don't be afraid to experiment with bold colors!

Unflattering colors: one color you might want to avoid is brown, because similarly to olive skin, you don't want to look nude. But it would still look nice, in our humble opinion.

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How to determine your undertone

There is another helpful way you can determine the best shades for you and that is by figuring out whether you have warm or cool toned skin.

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Take a look at the veins on your wrist. If they look completely blue, means you have cool skin tone, and if they're green then you're a proud owner of warm skin tone. Check out the video below for detailed instructions.

Now you're fully educated on how to make sure that your wardrobe has the best color for your complexion. We hope this information was useful, and it's time for shopping!