“From Drab To Fab”: Curly Dark Hair Made Woman Look Like Hollywood Star Suzanne Pleshette

November 20, 2019 19:20

If you are not one of those people who like to switch up their look with a new hair shade once in a while, you probably don’t realize how changing the color can affect your entire life.

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Choosing the right hair color

Changing the shade of your hair is probably one of the easiest ways to look decades younger. That is why it is very important to choose a hair color that flatters your skin tone.

The wrong tone would contrast between the color of your hair and skin which may accentuate imperfections like dark circles and wrinkles, according to John Diaz, a plastic surgeon.

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Let’s be honest every woman wants to have great hair color that makes them look fabulous. When it comes to hair coloring it is advisable to go for a shade three times lighter than your base hair color.

Dark curly hair makeover

When Ellen Adkinson walked into The Makeover Guy’s salon, she was looking for a new look that would match her new chapter in life.

The lady who came from Georgia likes big hair as she’s from the era of big hair. Her transformation was so unbelievable that she couldn’t recognize herself looking into the mirror.

Not only did The Makeover Guy change the color of Ellen’s hair, he also put full face makeup that she ended up looking like Suzanne Pleshette. She dropped years and seems to be so confident and satisfied with her new appearance. Check out for yourself!

People love Ellen's new look

@Mary Lawson

Pretty woman and the color wow. Sometimes dark is best.

@Francesca Moss

Wow what a transformation. The fringe has changed the look entirely. A beautiful woman.

@Christopher Ramon-Reid

Suzanne Pleshette!

@Angie Nuxoll

Gives me hope when I look in the mirror in the morning!! Hair and makeup.....God's miracle work!

@Josie's Journey

Whaaaaat?! Wow! Gorgeous and spectacular transformation. Her family won't even recognize her. She looks 30 years younger, radiant, energized. Love it!

@Bonnie Lemmon

😱. She doesn't even look like the same. What a wonderful makeover. From drab to fab 😊

How to care for aging hair

It is a known fact that as we grow older, our hair becomes thinner and grey. Learning to care for our aging hair is a process. With the help of a few simple tips our aging hair stays healthy and beautiful. This includes a healthy diet with protein, regular hair trims, light products, and conditioning very often.

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What do you think about Ellen’s transformation? Does she bear a resemblance to the cinema legend? Share your thoughts.

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