Woman Got Her Long Hair Cut & People Are Dumbstruck By How Young She Started Looking

January 9, 2020

Despite what people say, appearance matter a lot in our society. Most people try to make sure they look their best at all times and even go as far as getting some professional work done.


Here’s why we should work on looking our best:

  • to feel good;
  • to build relationships;
  • to shine in social situations;
  • to boost confidence.

Movement therapist Erica Hornthal claims that feeling bad about how we look can signal some psychological issues. That’s why makeover and haircuts shows are so popular nowadays. When a mature woman gets a short haircut, her whole face changes. Check for yourself!

Mature woman got a new hairstyle and changed her life

Meet Kristi. Recently she said goodbye to 25 pounds and is ready to shed even more unwanted kilos. But a new body asks for a new look. That’s why Kristi decided to cut her long hair off and who’s the best person to transform one’s appearance than the Makeover Guy?

Kristi got the most amazing short haircut with soft highlights that lifted her look and made her appear 20 years younger.

Isn’t it the best makeover for long hair?


@Irma Brooks:

Instant facelift cutting all that hair off.

@Lahle Ehrlich:

What a wonderful transformation! So scary giving up long hair but when she said she had recently had a hysterectomy I knew you made the right call for her -- short, sassy and all woman. Love her new look!

@Semper Fidelis:

You lost 25 lbs but you also lost a look that didn't reflect who you seem to be, you are now the Pearl out of the oyster, it looks absolutely stunning on you.

@Croix de Lorraine 1935:

Very, very cute!! The long hair itself was pretty, but it dragged her face down!! Good job she decided to go short!!

@Diane Sanchez:

It's healthy to rid ourselves of baggage. The hair was excess baggage. Good riddance! You are on a new path, l feel this. Bless you.

@Suzanne Fronzaglio:

She looks so glamourous! And those eyes----gorgeous! And the haircut is perfection---she looks 15 yrs. younger!!! Just SPARKLES now!

@Stacy Salinas:

Love the haircut! The long hair was too heavy and flat. You took years off, what a beautiful transformation! Best wishes!

How to choose a haircut for your face shape

There are a few rules to keep in mind when going to a hair salon. You should always consider your face shape as it will help to choose the perfect haircut.

For heart-shaped faces, it’s best to choose bangs and add volume along the sides. Oval shaped faces are the luckiest as they can pull off almost every hairstyle.

For long faces, it’s advisable to opt for shorter hairstyles and bans will be a great choice, too. Round faces will benefit from haircuts that fall below the chin and square faces will look good with textured, chopped hairstyles.

Arisa_J /

If you are not sure what to go for, consult with a professional hairdresser. It’s better to have a general idea of what you want and have a picture of a similar haircut with you to make sure there is no misunderstanding. And if you are nervous remember that it’s just hair and it will grow out eventually!