“I Feel Old And I Look Old!" Woman Looks Unrecognizable After A New Haircut And Makeover

January 13, 2020

A mature woman’s hairstyle says a lot about her personality. Don’t you know that? Unfortunately, some of us often forget about this golden rule or neglect it. Few people know that even our mood can affect the way we look today and here is why.

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How your mood affects your looks:

  • Depression and stress may affect your skin color. It may get dull and overdried and result in premature aging.
  • Anger forces people to frown and as a result, they get early wrinkles.

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  • Anxiety and problematic sleeping may lead to dull and fragile hair or result in hair loss.
  • Happiness, internal balance, and harmony will make your skin clean & glowing and your hair healthy & beautiful.

Some people may say that physical appearance is not so important. We dare to disagree with them. If people (especially, women) are satisfied with their looks, they feel confident about their appearance and make others feel the same way about them. Remember that our attractiveness can boost our self-esteem!


Style transformation

Meet Jean, who had never been satisfied with her ‘dull’ looks but was afraid to change anything in her appearance.

After a stunning makeover and a brand new haircut, Jean transformed into a completely ‘new’ person. A team of stylists from the MAKEOVERGUY studio changed Jean’s ‘old’ looks with the help of a trendy haircut and correct makeup. The result impressed everyone! Watch it yourself.

Fans’ comments

@Elizabeth B SoCal

Her smile at the end says it all. She looks fantastic but better yet, you can tell she feels fantastic!

@Kelly Diprospero

Love her new look. People that do this for a living really need to understand that they are uplifters. Every time I get my hair done I get a boost of self esteem, and confidence that I don't usually have.


This awesome makeover made me cry happy tears! She is a beautiful Lady! That smile says it all!!! Fantastic job!!! 👏👏👏👏👏


awwww, she pulled at my heart strings in the beginning. You are a stunning and beautiful Lady inside and out. You made me tear up with how happy you were at the end. Wonderful.

@lilpillar05 321

Okay we heard you the first 20 times.. "You look old, you feel old, you are old".... But, there's wonderful news, its a proven fact that if we continue to say and believe the same things over and over, these things can come to pass as true.. Soooo, Stop thinking negative, Keep telling yourself " Yes I look good, I'm beautiful inside and out, I'm a winner!" Think and say positive things about yourself no matter how you feel inside, start thinking positive that "Yes You are worth it!!"😉☺👍👍

What your hair says about you

Stylists admit that hair can ‘say’ a lot about a human's personality. There is even the term ‘a good hair day’ which means not just that a person has a good haircut but that he/she feels good and spreads positivity.

Research shows that with the help of our hairstyle, we can manipulate our apparent age. In other words, any particular hairstyle can make you look younger or older.

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There are also multiple speculations considering a hair color. For example, red-headed people are considered to be more fun and easy-going.

The same thing refers to a hair type. For example, people with wavy and curly hair are supposed to be more creative and good-humored than people with dark straight hair.

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Anyway, we think it doesn’t really matter whether you have red, blond, or dark hair. What’s more important is to be satisfied with your appearance. If you look good, you feel good! And vice versa, if you look old, you feel old inside. Don’t neglect your physical appearance, dear ladies! Remember that sometimes even a new haircut can drastically change your life for the better!

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