Yummy And Nutritious: 3 Quick And Easy Steps For Preparing Homemade Hummus

November 15, 2019 14:49

If you're a lover of good food, then you'll appreciate this delicious hummus recipe. And what's more, the process is pretty simple and easy to follow. But before we delve into all that, let's chat a bit about the awesomeness of hummus.

Are you aware that hummus is packed with a lot of nutrients? Yup! According to Healthline, this delicacy contains a wide range of vitamins and minerals including protein, fiber, iron, and zinc.

If you're vegan or vegetarian, you'll also be happy to know that hummus is a great option for you since it contains folate, phosphorus and B vitamins that can be beneficial.

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Recipe for homemade hummus

Now that you know the benefits of this treat, let's walk you through the process of making your own hummus at home.

What you need:

According to InspiredTaste, you'll the following to make your hummus.

  1. A can of organic chickpeas;
  2. A jar of tahini,
  3. Some fresh lemon juice.
  4. 2 cloves of garlic
  5. Some ground cumin (to taste).
  6. A little bit of salt (to taste).
  7. Some olive oil.

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Once you have all of these ready, the rest is simply the order in which you add your ingredients to the food processor.

Step 1:

Start by adding your tahini and lemon juice. Turn on the processor and let it mix for about a minute. You'll then notice that the machine creamed the tahini mix into a paste. It becomes lighter in color and much thicker.

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Step 2:

Now you can add the rest of the ingredients in whatever order you like, but make sure you let the food processor mix each properly. In other words, each ingredient should mix in for about a minute before adding the next.

Step 3:

Finally, you can drizzle in a little cold water while the processor is still running which will make your hummus fluffier and creamier.

Now, your hummus is ready to be enjoyed!

What to eat with hummus

Now that you have your delicious spread, you can start enjoying it with all kinds of dishes.

You can eat your hummus with veggies, use it as a salad dressing, eat it with apple slices, make a sandwich or add hummus when making brownies.

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When it comes to enjoying the delicious taste of hummus, you're only limited by your imagination. Now that you know how nutritious it can be and how easy it is to make at home, get started on incorporating this into your everyday meals and snack. It will make a fantastic addition to your diet.

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