11 Effective Places Where To Hide Your Money At Home Even From High-Profile Intruders

November 26, 2019 17:52

Is it really safe to keep cash indoors? And where to hide your money at home so that not even high-profile robbers will ever find it? There are many discussions on this matter, as many people nowadays don't trust banks.

Just image you stuck in the house due to storm or power absence, and you can't really go to withdraw money from ATM or any bank in that matter. So, you basically have only those cash that you have at your own place. Read below the top 11 places where to hide money in your house!


Top 11 effective spots where to hide your money at home

1) Hide your cash in a solid colored jar and keep it in a fish tank

There are many ways to hide your cash in a fish tank — you can simply stick in a substantial jar, hide it in a small castle, shove it under a rock, or you can put money in the filter.

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2) In a plastic bag in the freezer

The freezer provides numerous options for keeping the money. For instance, you can put your cash in an airtight bag, then keep it in a fridge. Also, you can put your money in a Ziploc bag and stick the bag in between two pieces of trays. Wrap these bags with aluminum foils and bind with masking tape, then put some writings on the masking take. Intruders won't have time to read the papers or even to remove the wrap.

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3) Roll a wad of cash into a flashlight

This hiding spot works both in case you use a real flashlight or a flashlight specifically meant for hiding things. Whichever you choose, just make sure you remember where you hid the money at home.

4) Keep your money inside an unused children's toy

If you've got a vast amount of dolls, either plastic or crocheted, the smartest way is to put cash inside the toy and leave it out in plain sight. Yet, keep an eye on any kids that might hang out around this doll.

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5) Bury it under a dog house

Depending on how much money you want to hide, placing it under the dog house in your backyard might be the simplest way to stash your cash.

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6) Stash your cash in a plastic bag and hide it in the toilet tank

Though it might seem gross, it's one of the best ways to hide absolutely anything. All you need to do is to put your money in a plastic bag, and stick in it your toilet tank. You might be disgusted by a wet hand, but it's better than losing your money.

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7) Keep your cash in a pair of smelly gym shoes

Yep, it's disgusting, and it smells terrible, but no one is going to want to touch those shoes. So, you can keep the desired amount of money and be sure it's never going to vanish.

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8) Underneath a potted plant (or even buried in a small jar in the soil)

This is one of the best ways to hide a sum of money. No intruder will lift all plants up to see whether he/she can find something underneath.

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9) Tape your cash under a lamp

It will be beneficial only if you have a little bit of cash. In this case, you can tape it under the base of your lamps. No one will notice that it's bulging with dead presidents. However, if you want to hide more money, then you can tape it under several lamps around your house.

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10) Inside socks

If you have big amounts of money, you can divide them into smaller parts then put them in different socks. After putting all your cash, you can store them in the wardrobe. A wardrobe is actually a sound place, but only if you use it wisely; otherwise, it can be an easy target for an intruder.

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11) In a tampon box

At first, it may sound crazy, but it's one of the most exceptional options. After all, a tampon box is a small, anonymous place that a burglar isn't bound to go through unless it's your guests that take things without permission.

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There are dozens of options to choose where to hide your money at home. You're under no obligation to try them all — just try to imagine you were a bugler and what places you would go through. Just enter your building and imagine all possible situations. It will definitely help you think creatively and come up with better and unique ideas.

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