29-Year-Old Millionaire Graham Stephan, Who Saves 99% Of Income, Shared 2 Things He Refuses To Buy: Coffee And Designer Clothes

December 3, 2019 16:34

Graham Stephan is a real estate agent, investor, and a Youtuber. By the time he turned 26, his net worth crossed $1 million. Graham Stephan’s age had no effect on his business grip and creative mind.

Now, at 29, he earns over $220,000 in a single month and in 2019 Graham Stephan’s net worth is believed to be a minimum of $1.6 million.

Graham Stephan is a hard-working millennial with a lot of money. Despite the fact that he can get almost anything he wants, the young man is very careful with his spending habits. Graham Stephan saves 99% of his income, but how?

Graham Stephan, a real estate agent and a millionaire

In a brand new interview with CNBC Make It, Graham Stephan shared that he likes to keep his expenses low, investing in things he really needs.

Stephan revealed that there are 2 things he refuses to spend his money on. He said:

Number one is coffee. I think the markup of coffee at Starbucks and Coffee Bean and a lot of those places out there is absolutely ridiculous, so I just make it at home for 20 cents.

He gets a large bag of coffee at a grocery store for ‘half the price.’ But what is the second thing? Graham said:

Designer clothing is one of those things that I will never spend money on. I just don’t see the point in spending $700 on Gucci shoes when you could go to Aldo or Call It Spring or H&M and get very similar shoes for one, one-hundredth of the price.

That totally makes sense. The young billionaire also saves his money when he goes out on dates. He revealed that he usually splits a meal with his girlfriend.

Other money-saving tips

One of the best money-saving tips is to know what you are saving for. It’s best to set a particular target, like a house, a car or a vacation, and create a timeline to make it easier to achieve it.

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An obvious yet underrated tip would be to prepare your own lunch instead of having a meal someplace out. And if you are a smoker – quit, if not for your health then at least to save some money!

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