How To Make Scented Candles At Home: 6 DIY Steps For Perfectly Fragranced Home

November 21, 2019 17:47

Burning aroma candles at home is an extremely simple way to provide well-being to the body, mind, and spirit. Aromatherapy is a curative that people have, for centuries, used to gain energy, relieve stress, enhance concentration, and manage pain. While buying safe and non-toxic candles can be quite expensive, we want to share with you how to make scented candles at home!

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How to make scented candles?

1. Melt the wax

Place it into a double boiler or a metal container placed over a pan of hot water, and set it on the stove until it melts

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2. Secure wicks to the bottom of the jars

Glue the stabilizer attached to the bottom of your wick to the inside base of your jar. Your wick should stick out at the top. It's important to keep the wick in a central position.

3. Add the candle colorant

Once the wax has melted, add your desired combination of oils and candle colorant. If you don't have one you can easily substitute it with a crayon!

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4. Pour melted wax into prepared containers

Now carefully pour the wax to about 2cm from the top into the jar or mold. Support your wick using a bamboo stick or pencil.

5. Cut off the wick and leave the candle for at least 24 hours before lighting it!

Scented candle making is fun!

Scented candle making is a lot of fun, especially because you can mix and match, and create some amazing DIY scented candles. Aroma candles are used, not just for their pleasant fragrances, but also for their ability to change our mood — to help us feel good. Once you nail this recipe, candles will be your go-to gift, as you can personalise the scents.

And here is one more little tip if you want to get the candle smell stronger: Add fragrance oil at 185Fº and stir thoroughly with the melted wax. This is the optimal temperature for the wax and fragrance to bind in order to provide the best scent throw.

Enjoy your masterpiece! Scened candles are easy to make and they will obviously make you feel better at the end of a day.

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