Cut A Mango Like A Pro! The Easiest Way To Peel A Mango To Get The Most Fruit For Maximum Satisfaction

November 29, 2019 13:55

Did you know that mango is the most popular fruit in the world? Yeah, we're surprised too! Then again, it it quite delicious and juicy, so what's not to love?

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It's also very easy to choose a ripe mango by simply applying slight pressure to its skin and see if it gives in a bit. The fruit is at its peak when you can also smell the delicious mango aroma after poking it.

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If you're a mango lover, you know that it can be quite difficult to properly peel it, mostly because of its thick skin and a large pit. But, worry not, as we found the best possible way for you to cut into the coveted fruit.

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The best way to cut a mango

For this incredibly easy and brilliany way to cut a mango you'll only need a knife and a glass. Cut your mango into three parts, one of them should contain the pit and the other two are juicy cheeks. Then you grab a drinking glass and run it along the side between the flesh and the skin and you'll get the cleanest piece!

You can see how it's done in a video below.

It's so easy we're even a little mad we didn't know about this hack before.

Also, if any of you were wondering, mango skin is perfectly safe to eat, but it does have unpleasant texture and taste, so unless you're desperate for some mango and don't have time to peel the fruit, better skip on the skin.

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