How To Unclog A Toilet In 1 Minute Without Special Tools

November 7, 2019 11:24

“Why does my toilet keep clogging?” is one of the most common questions that almost everyone has asked themselves. Sometimes we wonder, is it me or is the plumbing just wrong? But if you know how to unclog your toilet, even without special tools, life could be so much easier.

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A toilet clog remains one of the most frightening things that could happen in any home since it can create great inconveniences, let alone take precious time from your busy schedule.

Some of the common reasons include problems with toilet mechanics, flushing the wrong things, or blockage in the trap or drain line.

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Here is one super-efficient and easy way to unclog your toilet without plumbing tools.

How to unclog your toilet using a homemade drain cleaner

If your toilet has a habit of clogging easily when you flush too much waste, there might be a clog down the drain. There is a way to ensure that the blockage is drained for the last time.


For this method, you need to make a home-made drain cleaner using hot water, baking soda, and vinegar.

Step 1: Heat the water (½ a gallon)

First, start by heating ½ a gallon of water to a temperature that matches the coffee/tea you normally drink. The water should not be too hot, as very hot water can crack the porcelain.

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The purpose of the hot water is to raise the temperature of the water that would be passing the clog.

Step 2: Pour 1 cup of baking soda and 2 cups vinegar

Next, add 1 cup of baking soda and 2 cups of vinegar into the toilet. Baking soda and vinegar (distilled vinegar is best) create a chemical process that helps to dissolve clogs. However, if you have neither baking soda or vinegar, you can still use a few squirts of toilet soap.

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Step 3: Pour hot water into the bowl

Then, pour the hot water from the waist level (not the side of the bowl) so that water has some force. The force of the water will help to clear the clog that has been loosened by the baking soda and vinegar.

Step 4: Let the mixture stand

After pouring, do not flush immediately, but instead, give it some time. Preferably, let it stand overnight. This homemade drain cleaner can clear organic clogs with no trouble.

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Note: If the clog is caused by hard obstruction, such as a toy, you might need to find a coat hanger or a drain snake.

How to prevent future toilet clogs

In a home, toilet clogs can cause stress fairly frequently but as they say, prevention is better than a cure. Some useful tips to remember include:

  • Be proactive: The first time you notice that water is taking longer than usual to flush, give the toilet a few plunges. Destroy the debris before it builds up.
  • Reduce toilet paper usage: Too much toilet paper can clog the toilet, so use it sparingly, as much as you need.
  • Always keep the toilet covered: Sometimes, things can fall into the toilet even when they are not thrown in intentionally. Always keep it closed to avoid unnecessary fishing expeditions.
  • Only flush toilet paper and human waste: Toilets handle solid and liquid waste, as well as toilet paper. So, any other waste such as paper towels, diapers, or even balls of hair, belong in the garbage bin.

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Plumbing problems can be a nightmare but if you exercise caution, you can ensure that you never have to call a professional.

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