Compulsive Online Shopping Should Be Classified As A Mental Health Condition, According To Psychotherapists

December 3, 2019

Whether it’s ASOS or Amazon when it comes to shopping these days many of us will turn to the internet. But while for some people shopping is a relatively normal activity for others, however, shopping takes on an entirely different meaning. They don't feel limits and online shopping for them is a habit that’s gotten entirely out of control, wrecking their finances, long-term goals, and even relationships.

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Signs of addictions

Here are 5 other signs of compulsive online shopping:

  • Online shopping has hurt your relationships, work, or financial situation.
  • You think about online shopping all the time.

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  • You hide things that you buy because you're afraid other people will think it’s unreasonable or a waste of money.
  • You often feel guilty after you go online shopping.
  • You spend less time doing other things that you enjoy because of online shopping.

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If at least some of them have something to deal with you or your relatives it can serve as an alarm! The truth is that addiction to online shopping is now being recognized by psychotherapists as an actual mental disorder!

While shopping online, consumers can get caught up in the illusion that they are not really spending money.

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Your credit card gets debited, and that removes the mechanics of shopping. It feels good for a moment, but because it’s a temporary state, you do it again and again.

How to cope with online shopping addiction

Although there are really a lot of benefits in online shopping, we should take it more seriously, especially if you feel you have problems with it.

  • Here are a few tips on how to buy less:
  • Block the shops and unsubscribe from all the retailer newsletters you receive.

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  • Install money counting apps, where you note all your purchases.
  • Remove your credit cards.
  • Get rid of excess items. You might find that, as you get rid of things, you lose the desire to fill that space back up. It can reduce your anxiety, make you feel more creative, and perhaps even inspire you to live a simpler life.
  • Implement a mandatory waiting period before you buy something online.

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Pathological buying can also be tied to or worsened by other psychological issues, like anxiety, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, hoarding, or mania.

To deal with it, you should take the problem seriously and pay more attention to your mental health.

All in all, the happiness you feel from buying unnecessary stuff is only temporary, there are a lot of things that might make you feel really happy!

How do you feel about your online shopping? Is it a bad habit, or an occasional indulgence?

The material in this article is for informational purposes only and does not replace the advice of a certified specialist.

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