Christmas Cheer Or Jeer? Study Says Guests Use Christmas Tree Sizes And Decorations To Secretly Judge Other People’s Homes

November 13, 2019 17:55

Many of us believe that Christmas is the best holiday of the year and for millions around the world, there really is no time like Christmas. A new study found out that while we open our homes to guests during festivities, they are most likely to use our Christmas trees and decorations to judge us.

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Christmas started as a religious and cultural day that marks the birth of Jesus Christ and for many around the globe, the celebration is a great time to celebrate with others. During Christmas, people extend their hands to loved ones and the less fortunate, sharing their fortunes and humanity.

Guests use Christmas trees and decorations to judge homes

A study has introduced a new debate into the meaning of Christmas after suggesting that when people welcome others into their homes, they open themselves to criticism. The poll found that in any home, visitors are most likely to be critical of the living room, bathroom, and kitchen!

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The B&Q study, which included over 2,000 homeowners revealed that people are excited to have guests over with some preparing from as early as October to have their homes ready.

Hosting friends and family is one of the most magical parts of Christmas, which is why it’s important to have a home you’re proud to show off during the festive season.

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Key areas that visitors are keen on scrutinizing when they visit include the Christmas decorations, the size of the tree, and the temperature in the home.

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Others include the state of the bathroom and toilet seat, table setting, the amount of food on offer, and even the welcoming wreath on the door!

How to make your home festive on Christmas

With all these factors in play, it almost seems that Christmas is more than just a season for being generous. It can easily turn into a season of embarrassment. Here are suggestions on how you can make your home more festive when decorating for Christmas:

  • Add Christmas color: If the colors in your house match the Christmas theme, it will stand out.
  • Remember ornaments: It’s the little things that count so remember to include ornaments.
  • Put your lights on timers: Inside the house or outside, lights make a difference.
  • Decorate with cheap dollar store items: Of course, don’t spend all your money on expensive stuff.

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Christmas is a time to celebrate and you should never put a strain on yourself just to make your home impressive to others. What really matters during Christmas is doing things that will make a difference in the lives of others.

What Christmas decorations hacks do you use to make your home festive?

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