10 Narcissist Traits And Behaviors That Should Send You Running: Tips How To Leave A Narcissist

December 3, 2019 12:58

Like in many relationships, when you first start dating a narcissist, you may be lured in by their charm, confidence, and other attractive traits.

However, as you get to know your partner you might feel upset with him more often.

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How many red flags do you need in order to recognize a narcissist's traits to run away and save yourself? One red flag? Five red flags? How about an army of red flags?

Well, let us give you a few, 8 to be exact; dead give-aways you are in narcissistic relationships.

Narcissist signs

  • They're charming … for a while, anyway
  • They have at least two distinct behaviors and personalities.
  • Big purchases of the narcissist are not discussed

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  • They use tools to make you question your own mental health and sanity
  • They tell you how to feel.
  • They pick your self-esteem and value away.

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  • They need the best of everything but refuse to give you the best.
  • Your opinion either doesn’t matter or is “shot down”.

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  • They need constant admiration and validation.
  • They avoid total responsibility

Living with a narcissist is not easy.

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It will eventually wear you down, emotionally, unless it is addressed. A narcissist will never see fault in how they perceive the world, because of their entitlement. It is a true mental health disorder, and without the help of a professional, there is no way to break through and help them with their attitude or their perspective.

That's why often the only thing you can do while living with a narcissist is to leave him.

How to leave a narcissist

  • Realize that you’re probably confusing longing for love

Narcissists create a sense of false love and toxic attachment through a process known as trauma bonding. In healthy relationships, this can be a positive experience, but her everything is visa versa.

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  • You have to be strong enough to stand on your own, and create distance.

Remember that relationships aren't about pain and suffering! You deserve to love and be equally loved!

Better invest time in yourself and we are pretty sure that you will find someone special!

What do you think of narcissist relationships? Have you ever noticed narcissist traits in your beloved one? Share your experience with us!

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