“It’s All In The Eyes”: What Your Eyebrow Shape Can Tell About Your Personality

November 7, 2019 15:08

Did you know that the absence of eyebrows in familiar faces can affect your ability to recognize them significantly? Studies on recognition performance show that it's easier to identify a person you know when you can see their eyebrows, even if the eyes are hidden!

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These results indicate that eyebrows might be more important than we know in helping us navigate our social worlds. But do the shapes of our eyebrows matter?

What can eyebrow shapes tell about your personality?

It is said that the "eyes are the windows to the soul" and experts found out that our eyebrows can speak volumes about our personalities. While most people prefer to pluck and re-shape their eyebrows, when left untouched, they can send subliminal messages that reveal who we are!

Regular arched

Regular-arched eyebrows are neither too thick or thin, they are just right! Just as the name suggests, people with regular eyebrows prefer being traditional and straightforward. You love when things are less dramatic or complicated, making you easy to work with or get along with.

Natural straight

Natural straight eyebrows are close to the regular arched, except they form a straighter natural line. People with such eyebrows aren’t afraid to shoot straight and honesty is their middle name. If someone needs to hear the truth, you are likely to tell it, making you a preferable confidant. /

High arch

The high-arched eyebrows are rounded and noticeable because of their height. The eyebrows are all about attention, making large statements and drama. As the center of attention, your face always screams “look at me” since you are a natural performer.

Straight up

The straight-up eyebrows are not curved and they head upwards, diagonally. You are a serious person and the message your brows send is that you are not to be messed with. You are a go-getter and every time; you know what needs to be done since you always mean business!

Short brow

These eyebrows may appear at any point, end or middle, but one thing’s for sure, they are small and short. They suggest that a person is detail-oriented, has a tenacity for work, life, and love that makes you lovable. But, the extreme attention to detail might make you miss the big picture.

Thick brow

Whether they’ve been plucked or not, these eyebrows are just quite bushy. They suggest that you love being natural and are a free spirit who loves living life to the fullest. Since you can find beauty everywhere, people love spending time with you.

The unibrow

The unibrow, which occurs when both brows meet in the middle is a sign of individuality. Like the thick brow, you love yourself and are not concerned with how you are perceived. As a unique individual, you thrive in being creative, imaginative, and artistic. For your friends, you are fascinating to be around.

The thin brow

The thin brows form only a small thin line, suggesting that you are delicate. You love putting on an innocent face, likely to avoid conflict, and often than not show kindness to those around you. Rather than be talkative, you are a great listener.

Large gap

These eyebrows are far apart, probably because of too much brow plucking or pruning. The great attention you pay to your brows suggests you are a worrier, often get caught up easily, anxious. But since you worry a lot, this also means that you care and get invested in the people you love.

Pointed brow

This is a thin brow that’s arched and headed down, but not rounded. The brow is considered the “power brow” as it indicates you are in control. You like taking charge, are a born leader, and you prefer to be the dominant one in relationships.

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If you don’t like your brow shape, you can change it

Sometimes, we can feel that our brow shapes don’t complement how we feel or look. What would you do then? You can reshape them.

To properly reshape brows, you need a fresh-new canvas and this means that you need to grow your brows grow out first. To do this, you need to exercise restraint by avoiding tweezers as much as you can and instead, trim them a bit.

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Also, make the makeup kit your friend and fill in the brows as they grow and condition at night to facilitate growth. In time, you will have enough brow thickness to shape and model into the shape you desire.

Did you find your eyebrow shape in the list? Do you think it’s correct about your personality?

The material in this article is for informational purposes only and does not replace the advice of a certified specialist.