Black Mother-In-Law Accused Her White Daughter-In-Law Of Infidelity After Her Grandchildren Came Out Too Light-Skinned!

November 19, 2019 17:01

Toxic mothers-in-law have become a sort of an urban legend and wherever you turn to, their ability to disrupt the lives of newlyweds is feared, to say the least. A hard truth, however, is that for moms, “losing” their sons to daughters-in-law can be a big change psychologically and sometimes, jealousy can easily creep in.

For the narcissistic mother in law, having grandchildren doesn’t change much since she might not be ready to share her son’s love with the “other woman.”

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A man was shocked when his “dear mother” slapped his wife right after giving birth because she thought that she had cheated.

Mother-in-law had problems with her grandchildren’s skin color

Posting his frustrations on Reddit, a disappointed son shared an experience that severed his close relationship with his mother for good. Venting out his disappointments, the light-skinned black man shared that things were “all good” throughout pregnancy as his mom was always very supportive of his wife.

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But the mom’s caring attitude changed the day his wife gave birth to their twins, as she immediately felt that the new mom had cheated.

When our babies were born, they didn't look black… My mom decided that these couldn't be my children and my wife must have cheated.

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In a dramatic act that no one expected of her, the MIL walked up to the new mom to twins, and slapped her right across the face! The violent act, which happened moments after the babies were born, in front of the son, his in-laws, and a nurse, created chaos.

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With the trauma that followed later, including an investigation by the police, the son had to sever his connections with his mom who was barred from ever seeing the kids again.

What is worse, her wicked assumptions were wrong as the “pinkness” that made the mom think her daughter-in-law had cheated, faded with time. The kids looked just like their dad, clearly mixed-race.

How to deal with toxic mothers-in-law

For many women, the sad reality is that establishing and maintaining great relationships with in-laws can be tough. While there is no foolproof way around this hurdle, there are some ways that can ensure you live a happy life even with a toxic mother-in-law.

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  • You don’t need to be friends with her: Have boundaries and have your spouse understand that it’s not a must you get along with her.
  • Don’t burden yourself trying to please her: You might think, I have to do more to impress her but the truth is, some people never get satisfied!
  • Create a distance between the two of you: Being physically or emotionally distant from your mother-in-law helps to reduce tension and pressure.
  • Forgive and move on: Some people are too egotistic to ever apologize so be the big woman! Let that pain go.

Life is all about navigating relationships and tackling challenges expertly so never make yourself a victim or a target either. Not all mothers-in-law are "evil" and it is totally possible to find a balance and create sanity in your relationship.

After reading the son’s problems with his mother, do you think the daughter-in-law will ever forgive her? If so, what steps can they take to heal?

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