22-Years-Old Instagram Influencer Claims Kids Shouldn't Be Taught About World War II As It Could Worsen Millennials' Mental Health

November 7, 2019 12:27

On September 2, 2020, the world will commemorate the End of World War II, celebrating the thousands of soldiers that gave the ultimate sacrifice to restore world people. However, millennials feel World War II should not be taught in schools because it could harm their mental health!

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As a war, World War II cost America the lives of over 405,000 soldiers, with global estimates placing the lives lost at around 70 million. But, with the hard-fought victory of the Allied forces, the balance was restored to the globe, ushering in a new age of peace, growth, and development.

But is it time the sacrifices of all those soldiers were forgotten? 22-year-old Instagram influencer Freddie Bentley thinks it’s about time the world moved on from World War II!

World War II education could hurt millennial mental health

Appearing on The Circle, Freddie Bentley told Good Morning Britain that while he does not want to be perceived as “disrespectful,” WWII should not be taught in school.

His argument was that today, the world is a different place and there are many stressing issues such as the economy and global warming that take a toll on the mental health of millennials.

I don't think encouraging death or telling people how many people died in the world war is going to make it better.

Bentley, who has over 101,000 followers on Instagram argued further that learning about the huge death toll from the war could likely worsen mental health issues that youngsters have today.

There's so many problems going on in the world, like Brexit, that's not taught in schools.

His suggestion was that instead of the war, schools should teach about current issues like Brexit or how to get a mortgage.

As of now, Key Stage 3 pupils are taught about the war, including leaders such as Winston Churchill, Adolf Hitler, and the battle of Dunkirk.

Freddie Bentley’s words angered many netizens

While Bentley’s words came from his own perspective as a millennial, he sparked a heated debate on Twitter as many thought his view was dismissive of the great sacrifices made to end fascism.

What do you feel about these sentiments? Do you feel that “millennials” and other upcoming generations need to understand the historical significance of World War II?

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