Adorable 8-Month-Old Baby Girl With Down Syndrome Beamed Up To Her Adoptive Mother In A Sweet “New Smile” And Melt Her Heart

November 20, 2019 16:07

For many of us, adoption of kids with Down syndrome can seem daunting but did you know that hundreds of families welcome children with the condition into their homes every year? Down syndrome is a genetic variation that causes a delay in physical, intellectual, and language development among those with the condition.

Adoption of children with Down syndrome has the power to turn their lives around as new parents can give them quality care and attention to ensure they have a shot at a better life.

When a mom adopted a child with Down syndrome, she got the best treat of her life when she was thanked with the best smile in the world!

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Adopted girl with down syndrome has the best smile in the world

It’s said that a smile is the most powerful weapon and when Baby H, a girl born with Down Syndrome was adopted, she gave her new mother something that melted her heart. In the clip that was posted on Facebook, when the adoptive mom asks the little girl how her day was going, she answers with a bright smile.

The mom, who was completely overtaken in adoration of the first smile asked the baby to “show her again” and as if on cue, the baby flashed her cute signature smile again!

The precious interaction between mother and daughter demonstrates the power of a smile as at that specific moment, none of them worried about their origins. Both mommy and daughter knew that they belonged to each other and they were not shy to show each other how they felt.

The footage, which was shared on the National Down Syndrome’s Adoption Network attracted over 15 million views as people couldn’t help but express their delight at the little girl’s adorable smile.

For the mom, Baby H’s amazing smile is the biggest treasure she will ever have since it always reminds her that she made the right decision when she adopted. Her little girl proved that there is beauty in Down Syndrome too.

Another woman adopted 2 babies with Down syndrome as a single mom

Jilly Smithson is another mom who realized that adopting children with Down syndrome is rewarding beyond anything else on this planet. When Jilly’s last relationship ended, she was 35-years-old and it was then that she realized that her dream to have a family with a man was over.

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In a decision she would come to be proud of, Jill who is also a teacher of children with disabilities, adopted a baby with Down syndrome at just 5-weeks-old.

Sharing with The Guardian, Jilly confessed that at first, she was afraid since the child was young for her as a first-time mom but with time, she learned to love little Emily with all her heart. When Emily was 4, she also adopted another child, Tom, to make her a mom of 2 beautiful babies.

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Through her bold move, Jilly proved for a parent, having a kid with a disability is not the end of the world as they can bring joy and happiness into a home despite their conditions.

These ladies and their inspirational stories as parents of children with Down syndrome prove that having loved ones with the condition can be rewarding beyond measure. Indeed, children of all abilities need to be loved and shown that they are worthy.

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