Transgender Couple Is Expecting A Baby After They Both Transitioned: “We’re So Excited”

January 8, 2020 09:31

A transgender couple from the UK is set to become the first family to welcome a child after both spouses did transitioning. The happy parents-to-be talk about all the difficulties they faced on this path and their plans for the future.

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Transgender couple breaks all stereotypes

Jake and Hannah Graf is not a typical couple. They both underwent gender transition in their 20s. Hannah is a former British Army officer, and Jake is an actor.

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The lovebirds met in 2015 and got married three years later. For trans people, Jake and Hannah’s union is a role model of a happy marriage.

Hannah commented on this matter:

There are so many negative experiences in the trans community and people look to my story for comfort, to know that it is possible to be transgender and happy.

Jake added that after being bullied at school and growing up feeling like an outsider, he could finally find happiness with the person who understands him completely.

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Baby news

At the beginning of 2019, Jake and Hannah revealed their desire to expand their family-of-two with a new member. They both wanted to have kids so they come up with an idea that it was just the perfect time to make their dream come true.

Hannah and Jake started thinking of surrogacy. They wanted to find the right person who would give them a chance to understand the blessing of being parents.

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Speaking to Lorraine Kelly on ITV, Jake said:

At the moment we’re just playing the waiting game and hope someone will give us that ultimate gift.

If you really want something, sooner or later your dream will come true! Hannah and Jake found a surrogate and expect a baby girl in April 2020.

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The parents-to-be don’t hide their excitement about the new addition to the family in several months. Hannah said:

Here we are. I’m going to be a mum.

Hannah and Jake are over the moon ahead of the baby arrival and we are very happy for them. Wishing the best of luck to their family!

Transgender parenting

For some parents, it can be not so easy to accept their child’s transitioning. To better understand transgender people and their families, it’s very important:

  • to provide respect within a family;
  • to create a supportive environment even if you’re struggling to accept your child’s choice;
  • to avoid disrespectful and negative comments or pressure while talking about gender thing;
  • to maintain open communication with your child or to address professional assistance to make sure that both of you equally understand what gender transitioning means;
  • to give love and support to your child: explain that whatever your child’s gender preference is, you won’t love him/her less.

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The fundamental thing for transgender families is being not afraid of talking about their choice within a family. Kids should know that they always can get love and support from their parents, and vice versa. Open communication between parents and children is an integral part of a healthy relationship and a strong bond within a family.

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