People Are Outraged At Bride Who's Obsessed With Looking Great For Her Ex At Her Wedding

December 24, 2019

A woman's obsession with pleasing her ex at her own wedding is leaving many people flabbergasted. They just don't understand why the bride's choice of wedding dress had to correlate with something her former lover would appreciate.

The woman's drama did beg an important question, though. Should an ex be invited to your wedding? This is a really big occasion and it is usually a great time to opportunity for friends and family to come together. But does the guest list have to include an ex-partner?

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According to TheKnot, it all depends. It may okay to hand a former partner an invite if you guys dated ages ago and everyone is comfortable with it. However, there are some reasons not to ask them to come. They include:

  • If you believe they still have feelings for you or you have feelings for them.
  • If you are unsure about them acting appropriately.
  • If your sole purpose is to show them that you've moved on.

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Signs you shouldn't be getting married

The main subject of this story had people reaching the conclusion that she was getting married for all the wrong reasons. How do you know when you're doing the same?

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According to Markmanson, these are some terrible reasons to get married.

  • The fear of being alone: You're tired of being single and you're worried that this will never change so you say 'I do' to the first person that asks out of fear.
  • To solve your relationship problems: Perhaps you and your partner argue a lot and somehow, you assume that tying the knot will fix things.
  • To prove something to someone: Be it an ex, a friend or family member. You think getting married will make some kind of the point.

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A bride's obsession

A bride-to-be not only invited her ex to her wedding but seemed pretty determined to make a lot of decisions based on his preferences.

A screenshot of the bride's post on social media showed her asking people what they thought of her wedding dress. In the original post, she mentioned that her ex would be at the wedding and it was important for her to look good.

I’m sorry, you’re trippin about your ex at your wedding? Wat from r/weddingshaming

In subsequent comments, the bride further stated that she would love to go for a Disney theme because she and her ex used to go to Disney a lot. She felt she needed this connection portrayed in her outfit.

Her words annoyed a lot of people who commented that she seemed to be paying way too much attention to celebrating her connection to an ex-partner on her wedding day. One user commented:

Who cares what your ex prefers? You're not marrying your ex... you're marrying your current fiance. I think you need to wow your fiance more on your wedding day more than your ex.

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Another person added:

A wedding is about celebrating new beginnings with a person you love. It's definitely not about revenge or hurting the person you used to love.

To defend herself, the bride said:

I probably shouldn't have mentioned him at all. Not gonna lie though, he is standing up with FH (future husband) so I could kind of imagine walking down the aisle towards HIM... But I think it will be fine.

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Are you with the right partner?

When it comes to marriage, the goal is to choose the right person. And hopefully, you do it for the right reasons too.

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Here are some signs you're meant for each other, courtesy of Reluv:

  1. You feel comfortable with them: They make you feel secure and safe.
  2. They make you feel alive: You love being around them. You're rejuvenated when you're together.
  3. They are reliable: They say what they mean and mean what they say. You know you can trust them and they will always show up for you.
  4. They are helpful: They pitch in to give you a helping hand. They offer their assistance and come up with ways to make life that much easier for you.
  5. You like them for who they are: You appreciate each other, flaws and all. You don't expect them to change and they don't ask you to.

Love isn't so easy to find but it's easy to be deceived especially when your priorities aren't right. The bride, in this case, is obviously tying the knot for all the wrong reasons. The fact that she's paying so much attention to an ex on her big day implies she still has strong feelings for him. And due to this, the idea that she's marrying someone else does seem to be a disaster in the making. These are red flags that should never be overlooked. Do you agree?