Oh, Happy Day! Teacher Invites Her Special-Needs Students To Be A Part Of Her Wedding

December 24, 2019

A teacher has left many people, including some of her students' parents, in tears thanks to her incredibly heartwarming art.

Have you ever had a really fantastic teacher? Think about how much they have impacted you and now imagine what it would be like for a kid with special needs to have a great special education teacher. The influence is massive.

Importance of a healthy student-teacher relationship

When children have a great and positive connection with their teachers, it has some big emotional, developmental and intellectual impact on the kid.

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According to DeccanHerald, a situation where a child feels a special connection to their teacher makes them more trusting. The pupils then become more invested and engaged in their academics and may even achieve great heights in this regard too.

A great treacher-student relationship makes for a positive classroom environment and an overall happier child.

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Teachthought points out that this type of connection doesn't happen by magic, though. Some elements needed to make it happen include:

  • Constant communication between teacher and student.
  • Mutual trust and respect.
  • A safe learning environment.

The influence of a special education teacher

If regular teachers make this strong of an impact on the average student, imagine the benefits when it comes to kids with special needs.

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A special education teacher is described as one who works with students with disabilities. So in addition to academics, the teacher is also expected to come up with creative ways to reach the kids. Usually, these teachers are specially trained for the job as they are expected to have a high level of patience while arming themselves with the right tools to help the children.

Colleen's wedding

Colleen Powell made hearts melt recently when she invited some of the special needs children in her class to be a part of her wedding. One of them was 10-year-old Dominic May who joined Colleen's dad to walk the beautiful bride down the aisle.

The special education teacher spoke to Today about her decision to have the Dominic and two others from her class be a part of her big day.

I'd always said my boys are going to be in my wedding because they're just the biggest piece of my heart. They mean as much to me as anyone else that was there.

Dominic, Jay Hurt, and Korde Solomon were very important to Colleen's and she enjoyed the connection they shared. The plan was that Jay, who was in a wheelchair due to cerebral palsy, would be pushed down the aisle by Korde as they were both ring bearers. Then Dominic would give the bride away.

Dominic's mom, Ingreid Banks, told the publication that the teacher's actions "rocked" her world.

It hit me very hard emotionally.

Jay's mom, Camellia Hurt, was touched as well but she was initially nervous that having three kids be a part of the big day this way could be a disaster. But things went perfectly.

Helping special needs children

If you have kids like this under your care, you must educate yourself about ways to help them. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

  • Take your time to observe and hopefully learn the best way to communicate with them.
  • Put in the effort to interact with them.
  • Flexibility is important. Plans can change anytime when you're dealing with a special needs child so be open to different ideas.
  • Stay positive: Like anyone else, special needs children thrive in a loving and positive environment.

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In many cases, children with special needs are often ignored and those who work with them simply see them as an obligation. However, Colleen's actions proved that her students were more than just a job to her. She built a strong connection with them and made them feel great, even on her own wedding day. Her message is clear. We need to embrace and have a more positive attitude toward children with disabilities.