300-Pound Woman Feels Special And Lucky To Have A "Hunky Husband" But He Would Like Her To Be "A Little Bigger"

December 16, 2019

When a heavy woman is in a relationship with a slimmer person or vice versa, it's often seen as a mixed-weight relationship. The concept here is that both partners are on a different spectrum in terms of weight.

A report by the Independent explained that the term 'mixed-weight relationship' isn't one that's readily accepted by everyone. In fact, some people find the idea to be offensive as it makes it look like there's something unnatural about a couple who don't weigh the same.

Regardless of the mixed reactions trailing this term, TLC is making a show based on couples in mixed-weight relationships titled Hot and Heavy. The goal is to shed light on peculiar situations faced by these couples, many of which are directly related to their weight.

Meet Rusty and Kristin

In a clip from the TLC series, fans got to meet a young man named Rusty who was in love with his 327-pound wife. Even though he was more of an average weight, he expressed his adoration of his beloved Kristin and said they were attracted to each other.

© TLC / Facebook

A happy Kristin said:

I think every girl hopes they're going to get a hunky husband, so I totally hit the jackpot.

Rusty evidently felt the same way but he added that he wouldn't mind it if his wife was bigger. He said:

I absolutely love Kristin's size.I wouldn't mind if she was a little bigger.

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The couple was hoping to try for a baby but they had an argument over whether or not Kristin should have a gastric bypass to make conception possible. Rusty wasn't on board with this idea and Kristin retorted in one scene:

You just want to keep me fat.

© TLC / Facebook

Things not to say to a mixed-weight couple

People do tend to find themselves at a loss of words when they encounter a mixed-weight couple like Rusty and Kristin. But even if the words are itching to come out, saying things like these aren't appropriate and will likely not be well-received.

  • Do you/your partner have a fat fetish?
  • Is this due to feeling insecure and having low self-esteem?
  • Does it make you uncomfortable that you're different sizes?
  • How do you get physically intimate with each other?

Questions like this are often based on the automatic assumption that a mixed-weight relationship is wrong somehow. And no one wants to hear that.

Love can happen in any shape or form. And it's not in every case that two partners will be exactly the same, be it in size, looks or temperament. In fact, one of the magic of love is that two people with different ideas and traits can connect in a deep way. And it's never up to anyone to judge.