Nurse Sparks Social Media Fury After She Made Fun Of Moms "Faking" Labor Pain During Childbirth

November 28, 2019 13:44

Labor pain is generally believed to be part of the childbirth process. According to Parents, the main reason for this pain is that the uterus, a muscular organ, has to contract intensely to squeeze out the baby.

However, many women may experience a different type of pregnancy-related discomfort which is known as false labor. According to American Pregnancy, the technical name for this are Braxton Hicks contractions and they become more frequent as a woman gets closer to term.

These contractions are usually irregular and unpredictable. But one major way to differentiate it from the real thing is that there's no progression of labor.

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Nurse mocks women who fake labor pain

A nurse has come under fire on social media due to a video she shared where she made fun of women who she believed were faking pain during childbirth.

The nurse's Tik Tok videos usually get a lot of views but when Danyelle Solie posted the one about laboring moms, people felt it just wasn't funny.

Danyelle, who used the username DamnDrose, pretended to be a mum-to-be who was "faking" her labor pains and breathing really heavily.

Then Danyelle, wearing a uniform and playing a nurse for labor and delivery, began dancing and singing in tune with the pregnant woman's breath.

She returned to playing the laboring mom's character again who crossed her arms after being called out for exaggerating her discomfort.

In the caption of the video, Danyelle wrote:

We know when y'all faking.

The nurse's Tik Tok video which was reposted to Twitter received millions of views but many people did not appreciate her humor. Furious viewers shared stories of how their pain was not taken seriously in the way Danyelle tried to portray.

In response, Danyelle explained her reasoning behind the video and opened up about how, as a nurse, she had her own share of heartbreaking moments and she didn't mean to be insensitive.

She, however, insisted that she would not delete the clip or apologize to those who felt bad about it.

Some ways to ease labor pain symptoms

Mixed reactions followed this nurse's video. But in real life, labor pains aren't something to joke about.

According to ASAHQ, medications are available to help ease the process. But you can also try other methods including getting massages, focusing on your breathing and trying to relax.

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The most important thing here is to be as comfortable as possible as you welcome your little one into the world.

Making jokes can be a risky business. Usually, it involves making fun of something or someone and it's possible that while some may find your jokes hilarious, others may be more sensitive to it. Danyelle tried her best to explain the reasoning behind her controversial video. Should she be cut some slack?

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